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Miracles Happen In Minutes, Be Ready & Willing! xo

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Clairvoyant, Medium, Channel, Remote Viewer, Ability to Access Past Lives. Embrace Your Higher Self and Unlock The Secret. I Will Guide You With The Truth and Help You Create Loving Soul Mate Solutions!

My Approach

Using my special psychic abilities allow me to tap into the areas of conflict
that can easily be clarified I will help to lead you with the truth and the
solution and guide you down the right path. My guidance is honest and
thoughtful, and my readings are filled with great insight into any matter or
concern, and my help will guide you to live the most positive life, and one that
is filled with joy, love and inner peace.

Looking for straightforward, no-nonsense, direct and meaningful answers to your very important questions? You've come to the right place! Sterling is a modern urban visionary, psychic, and spiritual counselor. Her very unique system is especially effective for today's professional or otherwise creative individual who seeks real answers to real questions without all of the fluff or ceremony.

Whether it's information about your love life, or questions concerning your job, career changes, or business ventures, Sterling can help! Do you have questions about your finances? Sterling has been successfully dealing with life issues such as these for over 30 years.


My psychic abilities include Clairvoyant Mediumship, channeling, tarot numerology and astrology; as well as being able to remote view and access past life experiences. I was professionally trained in a secret tarot system, which is not an American system; nor is it a system which comes from a book. It is in fact the same system used by Rick from Sweden, who was a world-renowned psychic. In a reading, I combine this unique system with information I get from tuning into your spiritual guides.

My Clairvoyant ability allows me to psychically connect and channel loved ones who are now on the other side; as well as having developed a tarot card system that can assist me in this process of communication with loved ones, friends, and family members, if they are present. This is a very rewarding experience, because life as we know it does not end!

Do you know the importance of numerology as it relates to you? To the people who you are involved with? The science of numbers dates back to well before Pythagoras, the mathematician who gave us the Pythagorean theorem, and who was involved with connecting mathematical numbers and angles. He became the father of numerology as we now know it.

Do you know that the systems of tarot, numerology, and astrology are correlated through numbers?

Do you know that your birth date and name gives your core energy for your talents, and abilities, your professional path and how it relates to your work in life plus as it progresses over time? In fact, it can change many times in a lifetime. The result is life-changing information that you can use right away.

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5/3/2016 Member542804 5 stars Thank you, sterling, for your generosity and wisdom!  
4/26/2016 Member656763 5 stars Extremely accurate. Kind and generous with her time. Excellent reading! A++++++++ 
4/21/2016 Member542804 5 stars Thanks, sterling, for the talk and the free minutes. 
4/15/2016 mermaid1974 5 stars This advisor deserves more than a million stars. She is full of knowledge and she truly helped me this evening. She does tell only the truth, so be prepared. I will definitely call her back and I will be praying more often. Thank you so much for the gifted reading and insight. 
3/13/2016 vitamia 5 stars I love speaking with sterling. I feel better. Thanks love!!!  
3/6/2016 vitamia 5 stars OMG! What a wonderful person to talk to; she made me cry with her kindness. Thanks so much for listening to me. God bless you!! 
12/21/2015 mermaid1974 5 stars Sterling is so gifted and amazing! Thank you for the highly in depth conversation and much sought after advice. I'll be calling back. 
11/25/2015 k36williams 5 stars Thank you . My call dropped but thank you  

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Recent Feedback
5 stars
Thank you, sterling, for your generosity and wisdom!
- Member542804, 5/3/2016
5 stars
Extremely accurate. Kind and generous with her time. Excellent reading! A++++++++
- Member656763, 4/26/2016
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