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*Certified Angel Card Reader* Need to rid yourself of negative energy? Need to know what guidance the angels/spirits need to give you? Spiritual, intuitive, psychic wisdom is at your fingertips!
I have been doing tarot readings since the age of 13 so about since 1989.
I am a Certified Realm Reader and a Certified Angel Card Reader. I am currently working on being a Certified Fairyologist.
I also utilize my guardian angel, Tim, when needed. I know I have other guardian angels, but they wish not to be named yet.
I use a wide range of decks to connect with. Angel Tarot, The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck, Romance Angels Oracle Deck (for love readings), Archangel Oracle and a few other angel decks. Depending on your question determines which deck my hand goes to.
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My name is Brandy and I live in Colorado.
My ethics:
I do not believe in giving time frames as free will can take over and the Universe may have a different plan for you. Knowing a date will make you blind to a possible shift for you.
Speaking of free will, know that a reading is not set in stone truth. It is a guidance point. It is up to you what you do with the knowledge given. You can always change your path.
When asking for a reading, please give proper information so I know where to point my energy levels. Just asking about a person just gives you a generalization. Giving the specifics of the person and relationship helps me to see much more clearly and pick up on energy cues. Think of it this way, you go to a doctor to find out what is wrong and the doctor doesn't ask you about your symptoms, instructs you what you should do then sends you on your way without knowing the problem. Same with a reading.

I have been praised for being completely honest in my readings. Not sugar coating what the possible outcome may lay ahead. That is what you shall expect with a reading with me. I will give you honest, to the point answers that you NEED to know. Whatever I hear, see and/or feel during the reading, expect that to be said to you. If you do a reading by chat, please keep in mind that I do not cut, copy and paste. Please allow me up to 30 seconds after you ask your question to establish a connection and to interpret your reading to you.
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