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An Easy Spell To Freeze Someone From Your Life

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A simple spell anyone can do that will freeze that annoying person from your life.

As a Psychic and Tarot Reader, I have been fortunate enough to read for all sorts of people: friends, family members, celebrities, other psychics and even witches (people that practice Wicca). Often times, I trade readings for the talents that other people have.

First and foremost, I am in NO WAY a witch. I do not practice Wicca, but it does intrigue me. After doing a reading for a practicing witch, she asked me if there was anything that I could do for her. I told her about problems I was having with my ex, and she taught me this simple spell to "freeze" him out of my life.

I didn't believe her. She told me that, in order for the spell to work, I needed to believe that it would. It took me a while, but I grew desperate with the harassment of my ex and finally believed that this spell would help me. So, I did it. I was SHOCKED. The spell worked within days. Not only did my divorce come through, but he was DEPORTED! I don't have to worry about him ever again.

You need six items for this spell:

  • An empty medicine bottle and lid (any old pill bottle will do fine)
  • Water
  • A small piece of brown paper (you can rip it off of a shopping bag, but it must be brown only)
  • A black pen
  • The FULL NAME of the person you want to freeze from your life
  • A freezer

Make sure that you have them before calling. Also, it is probably a good idea to have a pen and paper handy so you can write the spell down for yourself. If necessary, email me for it, and I will write the spell for you in a Pay-To-View Mail. Before doing any spells (not that I do a lot), I like to say a prayer and light a white candle to protect myself from any dark spirits that might come through. Surround yourself with a white light before doing this and any other spell.

Please realize that this spell is to freeze someone out of YOUR life, not anyone else's. This spell is supposed to be used to eliminate harassment from your own life, not get rid of someone in another person's life. You CANNOT trick a person into doing this spell, as the individual doing it has to know what it is and believe that it is going to work. If you try to do this, it WILL NOT work. Supposedly, it will bring the two people closer together.

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