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Psychic Tarot Reader; Remote Viewing; Medium - Accurate, honest, confidential readings delivered with compassion and spiritual guidance.


Stareena Spring Master Psychic

Clairvoyant Tarot Reader, Medium, Remote Viewer and Energy Healer

We have now entered into a new vibrational wave!

Are you ready to become the change?

Namaste ~ I bow to you

My name is Star and my heritage is rich with psychics and mediums. I know that energy comes in many forms and that there are planes of existence that we can cross into while still having our physical presence on this 3D plane. I have crossed through them many times.

I pick up energy in many ways and Tarot is my jumping off point for each reading. It allows me to focus on your situation and moves me into a semi-meditative state.

I am a spirit medium and connect with those who have transitioned. I cannot control who comes through or if they come through, but when they do they offer you convincing proof that they are here and with you.

My gifts of clairaudience,clairvoyance,clairsentience and psychometry allow me to see history, present and future. In the name of love, honor and respect, the truth is what I offer you.

Each reading is You-nique. Make the very best of the time that we have together by reading the information below.

"Our successes and failures do not define who we are...
only what we are capable of"

Stareena Spring

What Can You Do To Have a Better Reading?
  • RECEPTIVITY: Be open to the messages, they are meant for you. They may not always connect with you immediately, so take some time to absorb the information.

  • FOCUS: Prepare in a way that suggests you are devoting your mind, body and spirit to our time together.

  • PURPOSE: Know your direction. Is it business, romance, finance, family matters, spiritual awareness...

  • EMBRACE: Know that you are safe and there is no judgment, only love.

  • FLOW: Allow a bit of time for each question to be answered. you may not need it, but do try to have at least 5 minutes of time on your account. Interruptions to add time are costly for both of us.

  • CLEANSE : If you are having frequent or multiple readings with other readers, wait at least a day or so before contacting me.

  • GROUND: Hurried, aggressive or angry energy can be read, but I choose not to. I will end the call and invite you back when you are more prepared and open.

Necessary Legal Stuff (sorry): You must be at least 18 years of age to receive a reading. I do not offer legal or medical advice, read pregnancy, paternity or death. To avoid a lot of legal jargon.. this reading is for entertainment purposes only.
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