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Warning: If you can't handle the truth, I am not for you. I do not sugar coat my card readings. Certified Angel Card Reader, Fairyologist & Professional Tarot Reader to guide you on your path!
My name is Brandy.
I have been doing tarot readings since the age of 13 so about since 1989. I am the type of person that a stranger on the street would go to for advice, not knowing why they were drawn to me. I am constantly educating myself in various courses and studies to keep my practice up to date.
I am a Spiritual Intuitive Card Reader & Counselor. Professional Tarot Reader. I am a Certified Realm Reader and a Certified Angel Card Reader. I am Certified Fairyologist.
I use a wide range of decks to connect with. Universal Waite Tarot, Angel Tarot, The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck, Romance Angels Oracle Deck (for love readings), Archangel Oracle and a few other angel decks. Depending on your question determines which deck my hand goes to.
Please read further on to know more about how I do my readings and my ethics.
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My ethics:
•If you give a vague question, expect a vague answer. I need to know where I am putting my energies into. Make sure you have thought out your question before you ask it.
•Giving the specifics of the person and relationship helps me to see much more clearly and pick up on energy cues. Think of it this way, you go to a doctor to find out what is wrong and the doctor doesn't ask you about your symptoms, instructs you what you should do then sends you on your way without knowing the problem. Same with a reading.
•If you have to reload your account every minute, I am not for you. I will end the call and block. That interupts my connection to the energies. Plus it is rude to a reader. I recommend to reload every 5 minutes.
•I read energy, hear voices, and see things within the cards which is why I use them as a tool.
•I am not, nor do I claim to be, 100% accurate. I go with what you give me to read as you have given me permission to see. If you ask about another, remember they didn't give me permission to read them so I give what I feel and see from your point of view. I don't like to invade privacy.
•I do not believe in giving time frames as free will can take over and the Universe may have a different plan for you. Knowing a date will make you blind to a possible shift for you.
•Speaking of free will, know that a reading is not set in stone truth. It is a guidance point. It is up to you what you do with the knowledge given. You can always change your path.
•I do not predict lottery numbers or winnings. If I could, I wouldn't be doing this! ;) Besides that is a game of chance and, in my opinion since we have free will, I feel it is rigged and those who put money in it infuse it with negative energy. Think about it...many are depressed and desperate in hopes of winning would you want that negative energy around you if you won? Think about those who lose a lot of their winnings? Negative attracts negative!
•I do not give health advice as I am not a doctor.
•I do not predict pregnancy. That is the universe plan.
•I do not predict when you will be intimate with someone. I am not here for that purpose. Love yes, but intimacy is not love.

I have been praised for being completely honest in my readings. Not sugar coating what the possible outcome may lay ahead. That is what you shall expect with a reading with me. I will give you honest, to the point answers that you NEED to know. Whatever I hear, see and/or feel during the reading, expect that to be said to you. If you do a reading by chat, please keep in mind that I do not cut, copy and paste. Please allow me up to 30 seconds after you ask your question to establish a connection and to interpret your reading to you.
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