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Allow me to use the cards to uncover what the future has in store just for you! Love? Money? Success? Let's find out together.
My empath abilities took hold very early in life. I have always been able to sense how others are feeling without them uttering a word, and have always felt compelled to reach out and help when I could tell someone was in need of a friendly ear or shoulder to lean on.

As I have grown and developed my abilities, I have also discovered Tarot as a powerful tool that can be used in many ways. In addition to offering traditional Tarot readings to discern future events, I also use the Tarot to take a deeper look at the foundation of the situation, the very core of the question, and determine what can be done to change the course of events or correct the path if it starts to stray. My readings are both insightful and cathartic, offering an in-depth look at how you can regain control in your life and manifest your greatest desires.
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My approach is straight-forward and honest. Once we have established our connection, I will use my natural empath abilities and knowledge of Tarot to tap into your situation and offer clear, direct insights on what action should be taken, what direction things are going, and what you can expect. I am not one to sugar coat, nor will I waste your time with unnecessary questions.

I believe to reach our fullest potential, it is imperative to have a firm grasp on our situations, to know what is going on. I can help you achieve that through my readings, and guide you down the path that will bring you the most fulfillment and joy.

Please contact me if you have questions surrounding romance, lost love, a recent break up, career questions, or even just a weird dream you're not sure what to make of. I am always here to help you gain insight and determine your next move.
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