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5* Master Reader, 35 yrs exp ***3.99 ***

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5 Star Empathic Tarot Reader FIND OUT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE**3.99


I am a Master Tarot Advisor 35 years experience. If you have the questions I have the answers!

It is also important to me that I am there for you. If you need to talk you should be able to talk to someone who is Empathic.

I am the best (hands down the best empathic reader in the West) **3.99**

Ask me about the **Russian Fortune Telling Deck** - It is Frighteningly Accurate! EMAIL ONLY - READING FOR THE RUSSIAN DECK please**$75.00** you will be happy with this reading - as it is very complicated I will only do email readings, it is just too complex to read over the phone - it would not be very cost effective. After the reading is done arrange a call and I can go over it then and clarify any thing that you have questions on. I make it worth your while, very detailed and I include a picture of the layout. I have regulars who do this once a month and are very happy with it. Keep it as a record and look back on it, you will want to do it again and again. This type of reading is very prophetic and has been proven quite accurate.

I am a Empathic reader who specializes in spiritual issues and the lessons that we need to learn. I am a Master Tarot Adviser. I have studied the art of Tarot for over 35 years. I use several decks in my divination, for love, financial situations, health and life in general.

I am able to understand the meanings of dreams and interpret them. Your dreams can tell you things about yourself or your future that you were not aware of. I have many years in dream interpretation and it can help you in your daily life and give you hope you never expected. I also lite, for all my friends, prayer candles. I lite candles according to the need that arises at the time. Here are a few examples:



Peace and Understanding





and many more...this at no charge to you. I am against those who charge hundreds of $$ just to lite candles! I hand create my candles and they are also available for sale for you to light and meditate with in your own home. They also have herbs and crystals inside that reveal themselves to you as you burn them. These can be used as tokens of what you need, to carry with you. The candles if you want me to make and send to you are $25.00,for the 1st one, and $15.00 for any after that, plus shipping. These are all hand created according to your needs.

Please check your email after a reading in case there is something that I feel that I needed to tell you that maybe we did not have time for, or a message that I felt was important to continue up on.

*please notice on my home site I have a recorded meditation on clearing negativity this is a great tool for getting rid of negativity, both spiritual and physical. I strongly suggest you try this it works great*
* You may also order a copy of this to be emailed to you for $25.00* With regular use you will find yourself happier and healthier, people treat you with more respect and good things come to you three fold. You can do this over and over and it accumulates and makes your life better
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Please only **serious** callers contact me. No tests or sexual innuendos or you will be blocked.

Feedback is appreciated I like to be thought of as an honorable Tarot/Psychic I will do my best If you need to talk about anything - call me - you are not alone **$3.99**5 STAR EMPATH -- FIND OUT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE - LOVE, FINANCIAL SITUATIONS, MOVES, AND ANY SERIOUS DECISIONS YOU PLAN TO MAKE IN YOUR LIFE. ALSO CHANGES IN OTHERS LIVES. FULL EXPLANATIONS OF CARDS AND IF WE GET CUT OFF I WILL FINISH WITH A EMAIL SO YOU DO GET YOUR MONIES WORTH.
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