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REAL LOVE ADVICE: What is He Thinking/Feeling?

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LOVE, LIFE & CAREER -- 30 YRS EXP. NEW ONLINE TIMES: Find me in the mornings 10-Noon & Evenings 7-9pm(MST). If not online, place a CALL BACK by ARRANGE a CALL and I'll call you back asap! Please PRESS #5 before hanging up!

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Are you currently seeking a new Partner and wondering who He or She is? When you will meet him, and how? Then let's look for that! Are you in a relationship and wondering what He is thinking-feeling-intending as far as you and where you are heading? We'll check that! Is he or she not communicating too well or not at all and wondering why? Or is he double-talking and letting you 'hang' or seemingly just 'stringing you along'? Let us look at that too! Love, marriage in the air?? Oooo... :)

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If I am not online when you need me - please do not hesitate to call one of the excellent
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Existing Relationships
  • What is Coming Up?
    • What Can I Expect?
    • Is He Being Honest?
    • Will We Meet Again?
    • Will I Hear From Him?
    • Is He Being Real with Me?
    • Why is He Being Evasive?
    • What is The Truth Behind Matters?
    • Where is My Relationship Heading?
    • Break-Ups & Reconciliation
    • Is He Seeing Someone Else?
    • Will We get Back Together?
    • Why Isn't He Communicating?
    • Addicted to Wrong Men?
    • How to Disconnect from Old Patterns
      • Growing One's Life Potential
      • Expanding Into New Cycles
      • How to Follow Dreams & Intuitions
      • Connecting with One's Higher Self
      • Developing Your Own Psychic Ability
      • How to Trust Your Own Intuition
      • Listen to Your Angels & Spirit Guides

New Love

  • My Future Husband?
  • How Will We Meet?
  • Will it Be a Long Term Relationship?
  • What Features & Characters Does He Have?
    • Will We Get Married?
    • Will We Have Children?
    • Spiritual Bonds & Telepathic Relationships
    • Karmic Relationships
    • Soul mates
    • What's Happening This Week?

    Career & Finances

    • My Finances in the Near Future?
    • What 'Good Stuff' is Coming Up?
    • Career & Business Opportunities
    • What Unexpected Situations Can I Expect?
    • Will I Get the Promotion?

You should take notes - information flows freely and quickly when we tap into your readings. Be prepared to receive an Honest, Direct, Open-hearted yet Empathic, Sensitive Reading.

If I am not available to speak with you right now, please call one of my PSYCHIC Friends : HERE
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8/31/2015 sharonwish7 5 stars Thank you so much for tonight. I appreciate everything you mentioned....5 STARS...many blessings 
8/31/2015 snackcake1 5 stars Thanks for the update I can't wait for things to come to past. 
8/28/2015 N167 5 stars Thank you Karen! You are THE BEST at what you do! Xoxo 
8/28/2015 snackcake1 5 stars He did go out of town just as you saw it. 
8/28/2015 snackcake1 5 stars Thanks for the update Karen. 
8/28/2015 snackcake1 5 stars It feels so good knowing I am so close. 
8/27/2015 snackcake1 5 stars It is so amazing the amount of detail information Karen has to share. 
8/26/2015 sunshining 26 5 stars GREAT....A MUST CALL. 
8/26/2015 snackcake1 5 stars I am so ready to start my new beginnings 
8/25/2015 snackcake1 5 stars Very consistent and honest 

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5 stars
Thank you so much for tonight. I appreciate everything you mentioned....5 STARS...many blessings
- sharonwish7, 8/31/2015
5 stars
Thanks for the update I can't wait for things to come to past.
- snackcake1, 8/31/2015
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