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TAROT -has the answers that lie beneath the surface!


" A Butterfly flapping its wings in Japan can cause a tidal wave in the US."

With utilization of my intuitive, empathic abilities and Transformational Life
Coach training I am eager to support and guide you through life's changes and

I will be there to love and support you emerge from the cacoon' spread your new
found wings to fly higher and create the life of your dreams.

Lady Butterfly desires to support and guide you on all levels of life with
extraordinary confidential support, encouragement and non-judgement on your
unique journey to achieve a new level of fulfillmemnt and happiness.

I am here to facilitate you in new ways of learning from past mistakes and
clear habitual behavior patterns. Teaching and guiding you to be the love
your want.

My gifts are and with light:
  • Empathic Ability to feel the emotions and pain of others
  • Clarauditory Clear Hearing
  • Clarnosis Basically means clear knowing
  • Intuitive Tarot

My passion is to love unconditionally and address what you really need and
assist in building a foundation for loving and healthy relationships and feel
that you are love. More than anything else people need to be loved, to be seen
and accepted until anything unlike love falls away.

I am also trained in Holographic Repatterning (a technique that identifies and
transforms unconscious repetitive patterns that underlie all our problems.)
Healing Touch ( consciously sending healing love to and individual for
emotional, physical and spiritual healing and balancing)
and a Transformational Life Coach.

If you need help I will be there!
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10/10/2015 amorsur 5 stars Ty 
10/5/2015 amorsur 5 stars Ty 
9/25/2015 amorsur 5 stars ty 
9/24/2015 amorsur 5 stars Trustworthy and great 
9/18/2015 amorsur 5 stars Ty 
9/13/2015 dalphina 5 stars Such a WONDERFUL reader. Very low key reading style, grounded energy. KNOWLEDGE of tarot to my delight!! TY. I just loved my reading and also your personality. I will be calling again for weekly readings and my AVATAR work. Warmly, Dalphy 
9/9/2015 amorsur 5 stars Ty 
9/5/2015 amorsur 5 stars Ty 
9/3/2015 amorsur 5 stars Ty 
8/23/2015 amorsur 5 stars Ty 

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