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Honest & True Tarot Readings. No Fluff.

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Dedicated student of the Tarot since 1982. Get the best reading available! No fluff, no fairy tales. If you want make believe just to feel better, I advise you to the library.


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Skills and Methods




My Approach

"Do one thing, and do it well," and "Speak the truth plainly, for the the plain truth is plainly true." I approach the Tarot with the perspective of modern psychology and human behavior research, not new age mumbo jumbo words that can mean "all things to all people." The only tool for divining the truth that I use is the Tarot. I have numerous tarot decks on hand (generally I stick to only two of them) in the event the question is more complex than just simply, for example, "how does s/he feel about me?" This gives me the ability to look into complex layers on a matter.

I do not need more than your question, and the first name(s) of anyone if the question is about them. The cards themselves are as much a part of the Universe as you and I, but unlike you and I do not resist the movements of the influences the Universe and your question impose upon them. They will answer specifically and without resistance.

I will ask you your question. We must focus on only one matter at a time (romance then career then a family matter, for example). After I shuffle and lay down the specific spread regarding your concern, I will be able to answer any question specific to that concern you have (without needing to use another shuffle even if you think it is a new question; so long as it is about the original focus, it needs no new shuffle or new cards). My method is considerably fast in this way.

My Background

I was given my first tarot deck in 1982 when I was 14 by a woman who would become my spiritual mentor for many years. It happened that she watched from behind me, to my surprise, as I played with a deck in her son's possession. Having no knowledge of the tarot, I did what would be expected - I referenced the little white book that was included with it to read each cards meaning after I had followed its instructions on shuffling and laying them down in a pattern called "a spread." I read each one one at a time then went over the entire thing again and put it together in a coherent way that made the reading perfectly clear to me (the question I put to the cards was "Do you actually work and will you work for me?"). The results of that reading began my earnest learning of the tarot because the answer was a sort of "yes" along with "and you will find your wealth in it." My friend (whose cards they were) said, "That's what I can't do with those cards. I can't get them to make sense to me." His mother, behind me, then asked him if it would be okay if they chose to give me that deck and he said yes.

I spent several years practicing with her. The more that I did, the more I grew to know the cards individually from the heart. The clearer the readings became. The easier the answers came to me, and the more rapidly they would enlighten any situation I put them too.

Tarot lead me to many further studies and continued research into the occult sciences. I seemed to have a natural predisposition to the esoteric and occult theories and practices. These interests even drove me to University studies in philosophy, anthropology, and psychology (not to mention computers, English, and business courses). I come from the traditions of the Golden Dawn, the scientific research of tarot definitions, and the life philosophy of Aleister Crowley's Thelema.


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Over 30 Years of experience with Tarot.


I will conduct tarot readings concerning any matter you want to discuss. This can range from existing relationships with friends, lovers, business dealings, or just about anyone. Also we can explore the outcomes of decisions you may be facing, or look ahead to find the benefits of what life has in store for you. Tarot is especially useful in exploring your spiritual path, to help you discover what has manifested in this life time for you and where you can be going. There is no matter too great or too small for Tarot to explore.

I use the Book of Thoth tarot deck but have several others I keep on hand for extended questions. The above 15 card spread is the one that I use most frequently. It provides excellent details into the issue you bring to me. Several possible outcomes will be shown to me as well as the nature of the influences around you, both those which you can control and gain from and those which you cannot change or do anything about but must adapt to.

Live readings can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a full hour depending on the depth of your concerns. I will gladly respond to any questions you want answered and willingly explain in detail any concerns you have about the reading as I am giving it to you.

For over 30 years (at the time of this writing) I have been giving readings to others live in person, at parties, over the telephone, or through the mail and Internet. I was first introduced to the tarot at the age of 14 and have made it a major part of my life since. I have also been initiated into several traditions of the magical arts, all of which in some way or another are created to grant greater understanding of the various symbolic natures which the tarot also uses. My education in this way involves magical symbolism, Qabalah, and Astrology (all related, by the way). I also am a student working towards a Masters in Psychology with 72 credit hours currently under my belt (yeah, should be nearly done by now, but life has many things to offer sometimes).
This is my personal natal chart. I want you to know that the 12th house aspects indicate the nature of my mission here today. I want to be here for you and your needs. I will not be satisfied until you feel you have found the help you need. please do not choose to "hire me" until we are both confident that we have achieved a right connection and I tell you that I am ready to resolve your conflicts. Also I would like to warn you that with my natal sun opposite my natal Neptune, I am prone to become emotionally attached in your issues and find it very helpful if you keep me up-to-date. I have a powerful need for feedback and appreciate it.


Receive free minutes after every call. Offer valid in the United States & Canada only (Keen free minute policies apply). 5 minute minimum call length required. Free minutes only good for future calls to Thelemic Waves Tarot and expire according to Keen's free minutes policy.

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*Not valid when I am offering 99 cents per minute sales which I do from time to time.

I don't live in Florida, I'm not governed by laws requiring me to say "for entertainment purposes only." Where I live this is a genuine profession, this is a calling. Do not call me for amusement purposes.

I wish to put your future into your own hands.
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
Love is the law, love under will.

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Date Rated by Rating Comments
7/2/2015 aprylshowerz 5 stars Always gives the best advice 
6/26/2015 oliviaS 5 stars great reading, thank you 
6/24/2015 vajohnson8710 3 stars good read. very on point and considering. thanks for everythnng 
6/9/2015 enchantee 5 stars Just super! Excellent detail and insight, and very accurate. Something he told me would happen in march of this year - did happen. 6 months ago when he told me, i couldnt imagine it! Really great reading, and helped me tremendously today. 
5/27/2015 Kate London 5 stars Wonderful reading...l very profound and insightful. Thank you! 
5/27/2015 Kate London 5 stars Phenomenal! 
5/20/2015 mgnda 5 stars Thank you 
5/18/2015 Novella69 5 stars I give Darren five stars for accuracy. But if there were a category for compassion and diplomacy, I'd have to say, tread lightly or call another reader. If you're weak at heart about your situation but are looking for the truth, Darren will slam you in the face with the truth. But he's accurate nevertheless. Good luck. 
5/16/2015 jfilas 5 stars Really appreciate our conversation and my "What Do You Think" questions. Sometimes I need a person to person conversation over a reading. Again, thanks so much. 
5/13/2015 FLORIDA2 5 stars great insight and excellent card reader 

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5 stars
Always gives the best advice
- aprylshowerz, 7/2/2015
5 stars
great reading, thank you
- oliviaS, 6/26/2015
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