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Tarot Reader, Spiritual Medium, Clairaudient

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REAL psychic! Tie tuned in into my situation very accurately and honestly. Even used exactly the same words found in a personal email without being told to predict the future scenario. One of the prediction already came TRUE

TAROT READER, CLAIRAUDIENT & PSYCHIC . I'm Intuitive Counselor, There are times when things seem truly overwhelming! Sometimes, the challenges are in love and relationships with other people. Other times, it is in the areas of career & finances where we are at a lost where we seek guidance. There may be moments when we question our life purpose & we need insight to bring us back into the Light. Whatever your challenges, together we can find Clarity & Solutions. The Light of our Heavenly Father clears away darkness & illusions. Through the Light of God, we can receive Healing, Clarity & Guidance in times of darkness. Most of our challenges in life are because we act without thinking & we keep on thinking without acting. I will provide you with honest answers to LOVE & MARRIAGE Challenges, help you understand your partner through clear & precise answers. Let My Psychic Gift Empower You! The Universe is designed for your success. I take my calling and your life seriously. Love readings are matters of the heart, and I won't lie to you because lies hurt more than anything else when it comes to love. I will give you my undivided attention as I channel Spirit's guidance for your life. If I can't connect to you, I will tell you that without wasting your time. This is my life's calling and i welcome the opportunity to be apart of the solution to your challenges you face. Let My Psychic Gift Empower You! The Universe is Designed for your Success. I Welcome the Opportunity to share My BLESSINGs WITH YOU!!! Special offer - buy 20 minutes of talk time and receive 2 minutes free!
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1/30/2016 happy girl 7 5 stars Thank you looking forward to April. Realizing it will be a journey. But if I can keep myself from wearing my heart on my sleeve I can go into a great relationship with him in about a year. Long term. 
1/29/2016 John26 5 stars very, very in depth and personal. 
1/21/2016 Rajab 1 star Absolutely rubbish reading. 
1/21/2016 Rajab 1 star Rubbish reading. 
10/13/2015 Freedom1969 5 stars I've been calling Ti for years, and she always gives me the truth no one else will!!! Thank you!!! God bless you and thank you, Ti!! 
4/16/2015 angel2000 5 stars  

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5 stars
Thank you looking forward to April. Realizing it will be a journey. But if I can keep myself from ...
- happy girl 7, 1/30/2016
5 stars
very, very in depth and personal.
- John26, 1/29/2016
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