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Hi! first off I can't tell the future. Is what I am is a great listener with a wisdom to help with talking about everyday thing. If you've had a bad day with the boss, an ex, friend, or you just simply are lonely or need a friend. I'm an a easy going person and I think I can be a friend in need.
Have you ever wanted to just pick up the phone just because you need someone to talk to? Or, You just needed someone who didn't know you perhaps personally but you wanted to feel you knew them? Hopefully after our first conversation.(notice I said first)You will feel at ease. Don't worry! If at anytime you feel your not comfortable just picking up the phone and initiating the conversation, then I will be the first to say Hi! this is Cori or Nicole Cori,what's your name? I love starting out the conversation. Don't worry, I'm known to be friendly and I promise to make you relaxed. So, you can sit back and chat and lets discuss what's on your mind. Now, I love to listen and I don't just listen and not contribute I hope our conversation will be as friendly as if you've known be for years. I Hope to make you feel totally at ease. Now Call Me! Nicole Cori
I'm here to talk about everyday situations. Or, if you simply need a friend. I consider myself very personable and understand. Sometimes someone just needs a friend.

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