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Greetings gentle earthlings! Thank you for taking the time to visit my homepage at Astronet/Keen. This page is where you can learn a little about me, my background, and my two listings at Keen for Tarot Readings and Women's Spirituality. 

I am here to offer you readings with my unique round Goddess tarot deck, which I created myself. 

I fell in love with the tarot back in the 60s, and tarot has been integral to my spiritual path ever since. As I studied and practiced the ways of the Goddess, I came to see that a new tarot system was needed to meet the needs of a changing world.

I am also here as a priestess of the Goddess, and you can call on me for a variety of services under my second listing, called Women's Spirituality, Magic and Mystery. Click the link below to learn more about these offerings...

As a Scorpio on the cusp of Libra with a Pisces moon, and Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, I have always been a deeply sensitive person with an open heart and a love of all things mystical.

My path began with music, and music is still the core of everything I do. During the 1960s I studied many Eastern and Western spiritualities (including the Tarot), while raising my two beautiful children. I was writing and singing my own songs by then, and my children became a part of the music. They loved to dance to my songs, and so we became The Sybil, a magic family troupe. We worked at renaissance fairs, in schools, living rooms and theaters up and down California. Tarot was an integral part of our work, and formed the topic of many of our pieces, along with myths and fairy tales.

In the early 1970s we settled in the redwood forests and it was there that I found the Goddess. I became a priestess in service to Her, and have led rituals, taught classes, and developed theology ever since. I've created many Goddess-centered systems, including a Tarot deck, calendars, medicine wheels, runes and holy days. In 1991 my book Ariadne's Thread (under the name Shekhinah Mountainwater) was released by The Crossing Press. The Thread is now considered a classic, and is still going strong today. I've been called Faerie Bard, Beloved Elder, and founding Mother - one of the first to channel Goddess-awakening in our time.

My children are grown and flown now, and I am the proud grandmother of three. I continue to do the Goddess work that I love. I offer Tarot readings every Sunday at a local bookshop, as well as in my home and now at Keen. Though my path is one of devotion to the Divine Mother, I welcome all seekers regardless of gender or spiritual orientation. My Goddess Tarot cards work just fine for women and men alike.

I am excited about Internet access, and find it very magical. I look forward to connecting and sharing the beauty and wisdom of the Goddess and the Tarot with you. May we learn and grow together!

Thanks for listening!

Talk to you soon...


 P.S. If you'd like to order a telephone reading or session with me, click on the blue icon above, or the little telephone that appears in each of my listings, shown below. If the listing says "mail," that means I am not on hand at the moment to receive your call, but you can order an email reading instead. If it says "call" but you would prefer an email reading, just go to your "MY KEEN" page and click "Send Keen Mail", or look for a "Send Keen Mail" icon where you are visiting. You can write to me from there (send to ASTROAria) and order an email reading. Telephone readings are $2.00 per minute. Email readings are $25 for a brief inquiry (one or two questions), or $95 for an in-depth exploration (up to 7 questions) Email readings will be sent to you within seven days of ordering.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Bob The Mad for help setting up my Keen pages. Background is from Boogie Jack's Web Depot at Top color photo is by Angie Cunningham. Second photo is by Peter Hughes.