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Be Who You Are

According to the ancient Mayans, Divine Consciousness manifests itself as an infinite number of possible forms throughout all dimensions. 


Each possible form vibrates at a specific frequency and all matter is essentially interconnected waves of energy. 

From this perspective, time is viewed as an endless web of cycles within cycles, all connected by an infinite spiral of the eternal now and recorded within the Akasha.


Each human experience is recorded individually and collectively within the Akasha and information about any issue involving or affecting humans can be accessed through the Akashic Records.


All that is created emanates from and returns to the energy of the Akasha and there is a recording within the Akashic Records for virtually all of creation including every person, place and event.


The information held within the Akashic Records exists beyond time and space and can give us insights into gifts from our past and keys to our future.

For more information from the Akashic Records read the book
Remember Who You Are: Insights from the Akashic Records