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I am happy to be returning to KEEN after taking a year off to research and write. I have been helping others through my tarot readings for over 23 years, I am excited to be able to share my empathic and clairsentient gifts here.

It is an honor to read for each client, and each reading is focused and precise. I genuinely care for my clients, so I will not waste anyone's time or money. My repeat clients say they feel confident in my ability to guide them toward dealing with life's challenges. I have decided to continue keeping my prices on the lower side so that I my help remains accessible to more people.

I am here to help, so please have your question(s) ready. This helps me to connect with the situation and the person you are asking about.

It is best to allow at least a 5 minute reading to get the messages that are meant to guide you in your situation.

A word about time frames: Readers are often asked "when" questions, especially with regard to love. I give circumstances, events, changes that need to happen prior to, for instance, a couple getting back together. If you are requesting specific date timeframes, I can provide the numbers I am getting, but do not guarantee those timeframes.

Email readings can also be requested. These are a good alternative to a reading over the phone because you can read them over at your leisure in order to more fully assimilate the messages given to you.

I look forward to reading for you! Please do take a minute to leave feedback following the reading; it is most appreciated, and helps other callers to discern which reader will be the right fit for them.