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Rose is a keeper of the Emerald Flame
A rare gem, like a ruby in a sea of garnets
In alignment with the Rosy Cross (also called the Rose Croix)
Clair-everything Psychic Guide is a new advisor "member name" here on Keen yet a well known reader from the past (2006 - 2014) who just got back after a hiatus. Seasoned Expert highly rated 5 star psychic and successful entrepreneur, extensive background in business, financial advice, relationship building, and all around multifaceted life coach. Born psychic; gifts include, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, claircognizant; ability to communicate with the deceased; telepathic communication; remote viewing; mind reading; and more. Clients from around the globe seek advice from Clair-everything Psychic Guide who's known as "Rose" and become life long business friends, ask yourself why would a client seek out advice from the same advisor repeatedly over multiple years? Then make your own logical decision, based on this knowledge, as to which advisor you'll seek answers from when life's tough decisions paralyze you. top rated psychic world renowned
Your Misytic of Choice
Reader of Your Soul and Heart
She Who Peers Beyond Appearances

"The mystic uses their intuition a great deal, and endeavors to see into the future and to look beyond appearances. She or he reads others souls and hearts. A mystic does everything they can to rise up above suffering and despair; they go past the clouds and so glimpse the Sun; being both on their own and connected to the great All, they never forget that to accomplish great things we must be able to do small ones perfectly. The mystic knows that duty well carried out is an act of love and of service; and that for the service to have its full meaning, it must be selfless. It must be a gift of oneself to others, joyously agreed to, and not undergone as a great sacrifice. Love and giving should not be likened to suffering and renunciation, quite the reverse: were this the case, it would no longer be a question of love, but of masochistic behavior. True service only gives rise to good feelings, and expects nothing in return." __Christian Bernard

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Good day,
"Away Arrange a Call" status, means I'm away from my desk and not immediately available but will be alerted that you're wanting a reading; arrange a call back, I'll get back to you ASAP.
When my status indicates "Busy on a Call" you can expect your arranged call back within minutes after I've finished with my current call.
When you see "Call Now", your fast action gets you in!
I teach efficiency and effectiveness in manifesting your life the way you want it.
Disorganization is a manifester's dream killer!
If you miss me or have tried a callback and still missed me; I suggest you email and request a specific date and time you'd like an appointment then watch for my email reply here on Keen.
I am available between 9AM - 9PM MST Monday - Saturday; it's easy.
Give 4 hours advance notice when scheduling to be accepted!!!

So glad you've found me here.
I look forward to connecting with you.
Clair-everything Psychic Guide

Truly Gifted Psychic

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If not available try RainHHinc 37yrs Exp Mindreader
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If not available try the new group that I belong to!
The PRECOGS are all unique in their abilities and style of reading yet all are equipped with the powerful gift of precognition ... one or more clairs, i.e. claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc... A powerful collective group of precognitives.
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  Psychic Readings Love & Relationships C TouchTaste Smell Feel Hear; WTH u Want 2 know?   5 stars
  $8.77     Arrange a Call
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  Psychics Financial Outlook C Feel Hear Touch Taste Smell; WTH u want 2 know?   5 stars
  $28.77     Arrange a Call
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  Psychics Pet Psychics 11,100 reads 5*Psychic C TouchTaste SmellFeel Hear   No Feedback
  $28.77     Arrange a Call
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  Psychics Life Questions iC Touch Taste Smell Feel Hear; WTH u want 2 know?   No Feedback
  $28.77     Arrange a Call
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