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Community Server is the award winning platform for rapidly enabling online communities and has all the integrated tools, such as: discussion forums, weblogs (blogs), photo galleries, file galleries, search, RSS tools, content management, advanced user permissions and more to help enable you to create your community presence quickly and easily!

Community Server also supports a number of add-ons and gateways that enable additional functionality such as: single sign-on modules, posting to your blog through email, the ability to post and reply to forums through email, and file management tools for easy drag-and-drop management of your file or photo gallery. You can learn more about these add-ons and others at

The Community Server platform is built, maintained, supported, and licensed by Telligent. Telligent can provide or recommend Community Server partners for any services you need to help you launch your community solution.

Latest Posts

  • Phone Availability

    Please note, I will be on the phone during very limited hours for the next couple of days due to respiratory problems. ~~~~ As some of you may know there are forest fires surrounding Seattle Washington in the United States. There is smoke and ash in...
    1 hour, 7 minutes ago by Skyfae to Skyfae's Cards
  • skink stunts

    To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment. Eckhart Tolle Always keep your mind as bright and clear as the vast...
    1 hour, 55 minutes ago by Deborahmills to Deb's Dream
  • Arriana's Daily Tarot ! Tuesday August 21st !!

    Welcome to A's Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Sun Today we step out into the bright sunlight seeing clearly the opportunities ahead of us. It is a day for doing things, finding the next step on your life journey as truly you know where you want...
    1 hour, 58 minutes ago by Mysticalcraft Arriana to Mysticalcraft Arriana's Daily Tarot !
  • Your Moment of Zen

    2 hours, 6 minutes ago by dionne marie78 to Dionne's Corner
  • August 2018

    August 2018 The month begins with Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all moving in retrograde motion! Mars is retrograde in Aquarius at the beginning of the month. Mars acts like a cosmic spur, prodding you to turn your desires into actions. On...
    2 hours, 19 minutes ago by SunGoddess78 to The Star Cafe

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There are 4 editions of Community Server available: Express, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Please visit to learn which edition is right for you.

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