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Community Server is the award winning platform for rapidly enabling online communities and has all the integrated tools, such as: discussion forums, weblogs (blogs), photo galleries, file galleries, search, RSS tools, content management, advanced user permissions and more to help enable you to create your community presence quickly and easily!

Community Server also supports a number of add-ons and gateways that enable additional functionality such as: single sign-on modules, posting to your blog through email, the ability to post and reply to forums through email, and file management tools for easy drag-and-drop management of your file or photo gallery. You can learn more about these add-ons and others at

The Community Server platform is built, maintained, supported, and licensed by Telligent. Telligent can provide or recommend Community Server partners for any services you need to help you launch your community solution.

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  • Corner of Light... 2.00 Special For A Short Time Tonight

    I am doing a 2.00 special on my GUIDES ARE WAITING FOR YOU SITE.. 1-800-ASK-KEEN Your Ext. 05236473.. Please leave feedback and recieve minutes towards you next call or chat.. Its for a short time tonight and then my rate goes back to 5.99 Many Blessings,...
    1 hour, 5 minutes ago by Corner of Light to Corner of Light
  • February 2018: Full steam ahead

    February is the second month all planets are direct-no retrogrades. Make use of this time as it is rare to have a long period with no retrogrades. These are full steam ahead days, and time to implement your plans and...
    1 hour, 49 minutes ago by Astrology readings Leslie Hale to Star Struck Chronicles
  • Men and Money

    Money is a big issue for men. It means power and control. Some men become frugal and tight with money. Others understand how important it is to keep flowing. There is no man to whom money means nothing however, rest assured. When you call me, as...
    1 hour, 57 minutes ago by Alternative Information to Masculine Intuition
  • Tarot Guidance for Sunday 25 February 2018: Death

    The acknowledgement that old beliefs, belief systems, habits and patterns are the cause of blocks and obstacles in areas of your life is certainly a plus. However, awareness without action is certainly no plus. The Death card today calls on you to take...
    2 hours, 9 minutes ago by Rosalind Medea to Tarot Guidance by Rosalind Medea
  • * Getting a Reading *

    When you are getting a reading, it is important that you are feeling good about yourself.  You should not have your emotions all over the place.  When I say this, it means, do not be upset, angry, anxious, stressed-out, crying, etc.  Emotions play a huge...
    2 hours, 37 minutes ago by DZigns to Blogs by DZigns

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