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* Getting a Reading * (Financial Outlook) THE KEY:

THE KEY: To when you are getting a reading for your Financial Outlook

It is always a good idea and equally important that you are feeling good about yourself and your Financial Outlook.  You should not have your financial worries and emotions all over the place.  What I am saying is, try not to approach the time of your Financial Reading, when you are upset, angry, anxious, stressed-out, crying, frustrated, confused or just about to pull out your hair.

I need you "Open to the Financial Reading". Remember that your personal emotions play a huge role when you are getting a financial outlook reading.  When you are not focused and not Paying Attention, because you are emotional then the outcome of your reading can be skewed by your clouded perceptions, it may not be what you want to hear, however it will be what I foresee.


Try to relax, Please don't have alot of external distractions around, grab a cup of coffee....

I do need first names and age and a very specific issue you want to address. Refrain from asking about the past unless you need to understand what happened. I do the future.

Honesty is the best policy in any Financial Outlook reading. So, do not hesitate to mention all aspects, people connected and concerns, as it is the best way for me to focus.

$$$$ Happy New Year - hope to hear from you soon! $$$$


I can help and assist...

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*WARNING READINGS* - NO TIMEFRAMES as They change to Free Will and Choices, As do predictions

NO Financial, Investment, Securities, Legal or Health Questions or Answers, The Reading is Strictly for  Entertainment , Informational or Educational Purposes Only,

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