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HAPPY ARIES New Moon April 5th 2008 beginning at 11:56pm pacific time

Cheers to you all as we complete this week & begin this glorious Saturday with a delightfully 'Hot and Passionate Aries New Moon' ----remember to light a 'New Candle' and make your wish. The New Moon is the seed time when primal Earth energy is released; suddenly we feel renewed and truly are  infused with a vitality for something new . . . something better. . .and always something MORE!

My darlings, you name it it’s going to be hot…whether it’s communication or unification… Hello Houston, we have joined and connected a new duo that will most certainly turn out to be more than a mere relationship or dating casualty!

And what comes next?

Well, that is up to you two of course!

But whatever you decide to do or however you both choose to behave in order to bring it altogether… count on this being one of the best Spring Seasons for Love you’ve yet to experience. . . that by August/September could lead into binding/committed love that takes you to the alter!

The Aries New Moon ignites with passion & desire, coupled with the Aries ‘Sun’ and Springtime fun… well, does it get any better than this? ; ) Call me & let’s talk about how this awesome new loversMoon is affecting you!

Blessings, Daija xox

# re: HAPPY ARIES New Moon April 5th 2008 beginning at 11:56pm pacific time @ Thursday, February 09, 2012 7:00 PM
Wow!….I’m felnieg the intensity, thanks for giving us the scoop.  I always appreciate your tangible advice , so powerful, and so nurturing…like a padded room. Thank you.Xoxo
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