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Is it Time to Walk Away?
Greetings!! Friday Dec 3rd. 2010
I am available today until 1pm., pacific and
then again this evening between 7pm & 10pm., pacific.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Relationship Tip of the Day:
Is it time to Change, Walk Away, leave it all behind?
Could you be feeling as though you need a change, whether it's in your personal, professional life or romantic relationship? Perhaps you've not been happy or even content for a long time?

Prepare yourself, today, those impinging thoughts of 'moving on' could actually wind you up like the energizer bunny, you are quite prepared, at least intellectually to set yourself 'free', and start a fresh new journey. Your emotions are soon to follow. Remember that there is a process to all things, whether you're ending something or beginning something, or doing both simultaneously, the bottom line is to remember that anything worth having will always have a process involved, and you will need to go thru that process, whether you actually want to or not, if you want 'what you want' to stabilize and become beneficial to your life.

If you're thinking about it---it's time, now to consider your plans especially over the next several weeks while Mercury is Retrograde. Then as soon as Mercury stations direct on the 30th of can then launch your new plans. How perfect is that? A whole new plan, a new life as you launch your fabulous New Year!!

It all begins this weekend.

Looking forward to talking with you.

Aloha blessings,
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