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Small blessings

As some of you know I am a single mom. I do not receive any child support and everything is on me. My daughter has never liked Barbies or dolls so gift giving can be quite challenging. She only asked me for one gift this year. She saw a commercial for a game where you can interact with animals on the screen. She is a big animal lover. Little did she know,  to play the game you must own an xbox 360 with kinect. This game system retails at 299.99 not including the game she wanted. There is no way I could afford that this year. Thanks to Black Friday, Wal-Mart had it for half that price with an additional 50.00 gift card. My intuition told me which location to go to. When I got there I went to the game isle and there in the case were 2 systems left. I asked for them to open the case and give me one. I was told they were not part of the black friday deal and they only had 14 systems in the store which some people had waited all day to receive. Another customer came over and wanted the other system she was told the same thing. I asked for a manager to explain why I could not apply the sale to the system in the case. She first said they had a different bar code. So I asked if she would please scan it to verify that. It showed up as part of the promotion. She agreed I could have it at 10PM when the sale started. Then instructed me to go get in line. In line I was behind 17 people who had literally been there since 11 am. There is no good reason why two systems were overlooked. Or when they were found did not go to the people who stood in line all day. I had no one to watch my daughter so I especially could never be in line that long with her. It was bad enough she was up so late. Not to mention being forced to bring her with me means no myterious santa magic this year. Maybe it was pure luck or a stockperson's oversight but I like to believe that I received a small miracle today.  :)

# re: Small blessings @ Sunday, November 27, 2011 9:04 PM
I am so happy for your daughter- it indeed was a large "small" miracle- its magic like this that keeps us going!
# re: Small blessings @ Sunday, November 27, 2011 9:25 PM
OMG! I'm soo happy for you and your little one. But you truely deserved a blessing especially being that you are such a blessing to sooo many...;-) nice!
# re: Small blessings @ Tuesday, November 29, 2011 2:41 PM
I take comfort in knowing there is someone in spirit who so dearly loves us such wonderful things continue to happen or be "arranged".
# re: Small blessings @ Tuesday, November 29, 2011 10:21 PM
Maybe bryan your beloved was standing by? I'm happy for your very smart daughter...i guess she takes after mommy!
Love ya always
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