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Astrology & LOA--How One Effects The Other :)

How does Astrology (Astrological events, planetary alignments and your personal Astrological chart) relate to The Law Of Attraction……if at all.....

An interesting question was posed to me by someone a few days ago. When I read the question my first thoughts were “wow, how cool! What an interesting question!! How do I answer this?” I began thinking about it and figured many other people might have that same question. So I’m going to address it in an open forum where anyone who might be curious can read the explanation J

Here’s the question that was posed:
I have been studying the Law of Attraction for about __ yrs now. I really enjoy your emails and blogs on the subject, however when you send out things concerning astrology and you are telling us to beware of negative things that could happen because of the planets, isn't that a contradiction to LOA? If we create our life and draw to us with what we are vibrating and believing on the inside, and LOA tells us that no other outside influence can effect what happens to us (unless we allow it), then how can astrology really effect us?..............I used to believe in astrology, but the more I study the LOA I really can't see how astrology can be a part of the picture, unless I believe it to be?....…” (name withheld by ME!)

Interesting and thought provoking, huh? It’s actually a really good question that I hope I can do justice.

Here’s my answer:

It’s all interconnected. One could say that astrology, energy, spirits, Angels, God (ie: “The Supreme Power“, I call Him “God“), The Law Of Attraction, physical growth, etc……….ALL is connected to one another. The more I learn, the more I realize how truly circular and interwoven every thing in life is.

For the rest of this writing, I’ll just call the Law Of Attraction “LOA,” k?
Now, the LOA, as the questioner stated, tells us that “we create our life and draw to us what we are vibrating and believing on the inside.”
TOTALLY TRUE! However, where Astrology comes into the mix is that the way planets align affect (or is it effect?? I never know J ) our emotions. The planets effect everyone’s emotions--not just yours, but the people around you in your personal/professional lives and the people you come into contact with on a superficial level. What I mean about by superficial people is…in the grocery store, other drivers on the road, the convenience store clerk, friends of your significant other that you aren’t close to, just anyone you come into contact with that you do not really believe have any significance in your life!

The planets also affect events around us--due to the energy they produce when in different/specific alignments. These are just facts, whether one realizes it or not, the occurrences are real. What these “planetary alignments” do is affect the push and pull of energy….in turn, this effects the emotions of people (in a negative or positive way). And whether you choose to allow the alignments to affect your attitude and emotions, you should know that people in general, and people in your life, will be affected! And the people in your world tend to affect you!

So before I get into the actual answer of how Astrology affects you and the LOA, let’s consider an example of a recurring planetary alignment: Mercury Retrograde
. If Mercury is in retrograde, the energy is goofy--causing computer crashes, phone disconnects, miscommunications (people not saying what they mean, or saying nothing at all!), etc. The Retrograde also causes a more “electric” feel in people--producing anxiety or frustration for what they do not understand. The Retrograde also causes people to be “extra sensitive.“ When people do not understand “why they feel a certain way,” they tend to react in a negative way.

And when people react in a negatively, it tends to cause a “domino effect.” The Domino Effect means that if your lover is in a crappy mood, they are probably going to do a few different things that may affect you:
1.) not communicate with you properly (some people who are in a “strange” say things they do not mean or, because YOU are also feeling sensitive--you take what they say wrong)
2.) argue with you
(some people who are in a “strange” mood want to fight to burn off the negative feelings they feel)
3.) ignore you
(some people who are feeling the sensitivity or are in a strange mood just shut down for a period of time--this isn’t a bad thing unless you MAKE it a bad thing. Everyone needs time to themselves.)
4.) transfer their negative vibe to you
(it’s a fact that the people transfer energy to/from one another and who you are around, effects your mood because of the energy they are emitting--either knowingly or unknowingly)

You could also add people at your job to this “Domino Effect.” When Retrograde is going on, more people are reprimanded, terminated, at odds with one another, contracts inexplicably fall through or get delayed--causing your co-workers or boss to be more stressed (which most definitely affects you at work!!!). We could go on and on discussing the effects of Mercury Retro, but I don’t think that’s necessary since I’m just showing a correlation between planetary alignment and people’s behavior.

As a side note: Almost every advisor/psychic I know that knows next to nothing about astrology (like myself) is aware of and knows what Mercury Retrograde is. Test it--talk to any clairvoyant or medium (neither gift has anything to do with Astrology) who has been giving readings for any length of time. I almost guarantee you that they will know what Mercury Retrograde is.

Now let’s get back to the question: “we create our life and draw to us what we are vibrating and believing on the inside.”
Given that planetary alignments affect emotions and events around us, if we are attempting to stay in a certain “high vibration” or “positive state of mind” to draw to us what we desire, we need to be aware that there will be times when we will feel more anxious (for inexplicable reasons) or possibly begin to feel depressed (again--inexplicably) or, the people around us will feel anxious, depressed, frustrated, angry, sad, etc. And the people around us effect us--either physically or emotionally or even on a purely energetic level if we are forced to be around those people.

So where do tips on Astrological events compliment the LOA? Well, the benefit is in warning you about times when you should be “extra vigilant” that people or events could potentially effect the positive vibration you are in or on your way to obtaining. You can liken it to living in the house of your dreams and you are in the process of furnishing this house with items you have specifically chosen for yourself. Now, the weatherman comes along and warns you that there is a tornado in the area or a hurricane on the way. Well, when you are given the warning, you aren’t going to pack up and move, are you?? Nope! But are you going to “batten down the hatches” and take extra precautions? Why yes, yes you are! (well, okay, maybe you’ll evacuate for a bit, but you’ll still take some precautions before you leave and then you return when it‘s safe!). That’s basically how Astrology and LOA go hand in hand!

I could just leave it at that, but if you know me--you know that’s just not me, lol. So here’s the rest of the question and the explanation follows: If we create our life and draw to us with what we are vibrating and believing on the inside, and LOA tells us that no other outside influence can effect what happens to us (unless we allow it), then how can astrology really effect us?..............

We are a product of: our environment, our experiences, our beliefs and our genetics. Therefore, our lives are affected by all of the aforementioned and people around us and events in our lives. Now, keep this in mind: because of who we are (human & fallible) and how we are made up (it’s just a fact that the exact time we were born affects our personalities and how well we adapt, etc), there will be times when we are “swayed” by our emotions, other people’s emotions, and extraneous events in our lives.

What this means is: say you are well on your way to creating all of the positive things in your life that you want because you’ve been paying attention to the LOA and you have been practicing the LOA. You’ve got the concept down, you meditate regularly, say your affirmations daily, you……do any number of things that you have found “work” to produce your desires! You’re going down the highway of life quite nicely!! You see the road ahead is straight, even, and your goals are beginning to be realized. Some things have already been realized, others are just on the other side of that hill up ahead and you KNOW it! Yay YOU! So you putt-putt right along! Um…..wait a minute…..what’s that up ahead? A pothole??? Ker-clunk-clunk-clack-clunk-wobble-wobble-clunk-crack! (by the way, that’s you hitting the pothole that you didn’t see and that came at you to fast for you to avoid). You didn’t plan for the pothole because you didn’t manifest it, you didn’t ask for it, and no one warned you about it. Ah, crrrrrrrrAPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and a few other choice expletives) So, now you’ve hit the pothole--your alignment is all messed up! What now? How do you deal with it?
What happens next is anyone’s guess--it actually depends on how strong your faith and belief is along with several other factors (like the one’s that I already mentioned such as environment, etc--all of which come back to YOU!) People are going to hit potholes or have potholes in front of them--that’s a fact. Now we are in the LOA portion of the program.

When a “pothole” hits, most people will go into a “lower vibration” by freaking out, getting depressed, beginning to “slide” into a depression, begin to refocus on matters other than the straight highway you were so sure was there right before you hit that massive pothole! I’ve seen (and experienced) a wide range of reactions--from mild depression where you easily bounce back to intense, complete depression where you are totally out of the positive-creation vibe.

Any negative reaction has an effect on present and future events and what you are manifesting (either knowingly or unknowingly manifesting--the LOA doesn’t discriminate). The more intense the negative reaction/emotion, the more intensely it effects just how far backward you are going to have to track before you can start to manifest the good into your life again. This is the LOA at work! It’s kinda like playing a game of “Simon Says!” You take a step forward, then another, then another and then, you forget to say “Simon says!” and you end up having to start over at the beginning. What really sucks about this is that depending on how badly you’ve been “blown” emotionally by some event (that caused the negative vibration), you could do some serious harm to your life that takes a long time to correct--because you stay in a depression for so long or because you end up sabotaging all your hard work, etc, etc, etc. I’ve even seen people who just throw their hands up in the air in defeat and refuse to start over toward obtaining their goal--even though they know the LOA exists and works!!

Ahhhh…..but what if you had been warned the pothole (ie: potentially damaging Astrological event) were about to occur? And as a result, you were able to absorb it, recognize it, dissect it, confront it, and discard it before it was able to do any damage to you and your personal plan using LOA? Well, then, we have a whole new ball game going!!!

Here’s something to think about: Let’s say my man has started acting cranky, short-tempered and wasn’t calling me or wanting to hang around me as much as he was just a week or two ago. Well, I decide to contact him and see if he wants to get together. He tells me he really doesn’t feel like it, he’s kinda tired and he’ll call me later.
Two different reactions, Two different endings:

Reaction #1.) I recently read a warning about some astrological junk that’s going on, so I remember I’m “not supposed to take anything personally right now…relax..breathe, don’t take action, allow the planets to right themselves, and this should clear up next week.” With this information, I’m able to say to myself: okay, maybe nothing’s wrong, maybe it’s not me, maybe he’s just going through this weird crap I recently read about. I’m going to leave it alone and see what happens next and I’m not going to push…I distinctly remember that thing I read saying “now is not the time to push!” So I’m not going to push, I’m going shopping! YAY! NOW, move forward a week….so I went shopping, I left him alone, kept the warning in mind, and guess what? My man is back to paying all that attention to me and whatever weirdness was going on is completely gone. He even explains, without me asking him to, about how he was in a weird mood and he’s sorry. He and I proceed with our cool, fun, happy relationship! YAY!

Reaction #2.)
I didn’t read the warning I was sent. I say to myself, “forget that, I don’t need-no-stinkin’ warning! I’m in control of this island!!” So when my man starts acting weird, I initially have the confidence to ignore his weirdness (he’s a lil weird anyway, or I wouldn’t like him, right??). Several days go by, still no word, no phone call, no nothing. Hmmm….confidence is starting to waver and this curiosity that’s sliding-into-the-worry-zone is starting to preoccupy me. It’s throwing off my game in other areas because now I’m paying to much attention to His High-Weirdness! So now I say to myself, “screw it! I’m calling him. After all, we’re in a relationship, right? We’re supposed to be able to talk to each other, right? YEAH!” Ring-ring……(It only took me calling him four times, but he finally answered the phone! WHEW!) But……..he doesn’t want to talk?? all those questions are annoying him? What questions?? I just need some reassurance, right? What’s he acting so pissy about?? What does he mean he doesn’t want to talk to me and he doesn’t think this is working??? Huh?????????? (ok, that didn't turn out so well.........)

These are actually real events that have occurred, believe it or not. And maybe, just maybe, they are events some of you can identify with.
SO! Which would you rather have--the astrological warning, or no warning?

Here’s a summation of how Astrology can be used in tandem with LOA:

We are all about the LOA and staying in that high vibration to create / manifest the best of everything into our lives. In order to stay in that high vibration, many tools are necessary. Planetary alignments are a fact. Astrological happenings have been used and respected for eons for a reason. I believe I can benefit from being warned “not to get emotional.” I like being able to stay logical about the possibility of negative events. The way I stay logical is to “relax, relate, release” and not take personal that which I do not absolutely control. I have also found that the only thing I have absolute control and authority over--is myself. I want that control, and any tool that may help me retain that control, I’m all for J !

Now, if you are one of those rare people who can maintain your positive outlook regardless of what is physically going on around you and regardless of those “twinges” of negative feelings you inexplicably get from time to time--I applaud you. I am even a tad jealous of you (if you exist! Lol). I am not one of those rare people, though I aspire to be one J !

When I send out warnings about potentially-harmful Astrological alignments, I do need to clarify one thing--it is not so you concentrate on what could go wrong. That is absolutely the opposite of what I preach to people regarding “creating / manifesting the positive.” The reason I give the warnings is so that you can see NOT to take everything personal, NOT react, and NOT create negativity. I give the warnings so you can “throw out the garbage” (ie: negative thoughts/feelings) as soon as possible before it starts stinking up the place. Also, I would like to say, that the more I pick Auntie’s brain about astrology, I hope to bring you the positive aspects about Astrology--like when the best time / most powerful time for manifesting or cleansing.

Lastly, I have also noticed that due to reading about the astrological alignments (which I do not completely understand, but definitely respect!), I am able to maintain the higher vibration that I’ve been working on--and will probably continue to work on until I leave this earth! I’ve also noticed that when I send out the astrological warnings (thank GOD my Auntie never tires of my questions!! Lol at myself!) I will get many emails from people who tell me the warning completely explains what they were feeling themselves or seeing from others. They are able to use the warning to stop themselves from taking a potentially harmful action. And when it comes down to it--my greatest wish for you is to warn of possible potholes, so that you use it to your advantage and not have to start over in life’s great game of “Simon Says!!”

Thanks so much to the one who posed this question!!! And to everyone who read this, I truly love hearing questions or comments--I learn so much through touching your lives. I only hope I can be as much of a service to you as you are to me! J

Peace to you and yours,
p.s.  I am in NO way, shape or form an Astrologer--not even close, lol.  So if you are interested in the services of an Astrologer who works on Keen (my auntie does not work on Keen...sorry) I've been watching and I feel good about recommending someone named Sungoddess78 to you all.  I like her blogs, what she has to say, and the Astrological predictions she's given in the blogs have been bang on!  So give her a try and let me know what ya think! (It may be SunGoddess78 with the "S" and the "G" capitalized, just so ya know since you have to search the name exactly as the advisor has it or you won't find them).

# re: Astrology & LOA--How One Effects The Other :) @ Monday, September 15, 2008 3:45 PM
I absolutely enjoyed this and it has clearified a few things for me. I believe in positive thoughts and manifestations. Keep up the excellent posts
# re: Astrology & LOA--How One Effects The Other :) @ Monday, September 15, 2008 3:54 PM
I met someone recently who taught me a karmic lesson if you like. If i was to stick weith it, i would have failed, if i was to move one, i am a winner.
He is Virgo and a Goat and I am a Sag and a Tiger its karmic, you cannot deny it, but I happend to be stronger, moreover,-ready for it, I won.
# re: Astrology & LOA--How One Effects The Other :) @ Sunday, March 08, 2009 10:10 AM
This is definitely true about the LOA.  I have been studying this and this cleared up a question I had about the planets.  So, if we truly have a warning about a pothole that we are comming to, we can create better in our lives.  Thank you.  
# re: Astrology & LOA--How One Effects The Other :) @ Thursday, December 08, 2011 4:06 AM
I just hope whoever writes these keeps witring more!
# re: Astrology & LOA--How One Effects The Other :) @ Friday, December 09, 2011 9:29 PM
Clear, infortmaive, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?
# re: Astrology & LOA--How One Effects The Other :) @ Wednesday, April 10, 2013 9:59 PM
thank you so much for dis information
# re: Astrology & LOA--How One Effects The Other :) @ Sunday, July 28, 2013 12:31 PM
I don't think it can be explained in a better way.
# re: Astrology & LOA--How One Effects The Other :) @ Sunday, July 28, 2013 12:38 PM
So according to this article What has to happen will happen,you can only control ur attitude towards it.
# re: Astrology & LOA--How One Effects The Other :) @ Sunday, July 28, 2013 12:48 PM
In the case u described suppose ur man whom u love deeply says he is not in love with u anymore
and is seeing someone ur attitude should be leave him and move on which is painfull considering LOA.We should accept accept this because his falling out of love and being attracted to sum1 else is due to Astrology which cannot be avoided.what should be done in such a situation??please reply considering both astrology and LOA...
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KEEN: Alphafemale 2000 - Solara : Astrology & LOA--How One Effects The Other :)
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KEEN: Alphafemale 2000 - Solara : Astrology & LOA--How One Effects The Other :)
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KEEN: Alphafemale 2000 - Solara : Astrology & LOA--How One Effects The Other :)
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