It's Not Another Woman!

One of the most common questions I am asked when I take a customer is: "Is he with that other woman?"  I know you have heard all the horror stories of womanizers and maybe even been unfortunate enough to have been involved with one in the past.  They are certainly out there. 

But like I stated in my previous blog (Men And The 'Commitment Issue'), in 25 years of psychic work I have come across three dozen dirt bags, whom I told customers to simply dump!  I've come across about a dozen golden boys who were just fabulous. 

Keep in mind that I have conducted over 5,000 readings in that 25 years, both via phone and working in two psychic bookstores in Arizona...and I've run across 36 scumbags. Only 36!  In one case, and one case only, did I tell a customer that she was loosing her man to another woman and their was nothing she could do about it.

Most guys, again, are striving to do the best they can.  They don't understand women anymore than many of you do men.  We really are from different planets.

Fortunately for you, psychics are available to bridge this gap.  I will give you clearest information I can from an intuitive male perspective.  Please trust me when I say that I can help you improve your relationship.  But in almost every case you need to take some action or make some changes! 

There are many psychics who will tell you that your guy is a Saint or a scumbag.  Chances are he's neither and you can do something to improve your relationship. 

Also keep in mind that when I state that I'm 80-90% accurate in my readings (on my listings), that doesn't mean I am wholly wrong about whether your guy loves you or not!  Trust me, I can read him like a book!  Especially after tapping into him multiple times!  The 10-20% error rate might be about something like a specific time frame where I am off a week or two or about exactly what gift he may have gotten you. 

Emotions are some of the easiest things for a psychic to pick up on.  I can tell you whether he really loves you, doesn't love and is just using you, or there is a mixture of attraction, repulsion or other complicated feelings. 

Nothing frustrates me more than seeing customers begin to improve their relationships with my advice, only to then let fear over take them, fall back into comfortable old patterns, and sabotage their relationship with the love of their life!

I have focused on female customers, since that is the majority, but I love male clients as well.  Just make sure you are ready to use the advice I give you.

My next series of blogs will be aimed at male customers.  So if your man is open to intuitive information at all, tell him to give me a call.  You can also let him know I'm a trained Remote Viewer.  Remote Viewing is the formerly classified military psychic spy skill.  That should get him a little more interested!

Give me a call and let's get things back on track for you!
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