Married To The Wrong Person?

One question I get frequently asked is how a man can be a woman's optimum mate if he's already married?  The answer is simple: he married the wrong woman. 

An optimum mate is not a perfect or ideal mate, but the best person for you.   Is the relationship the easiest?  Almost never!  Is it the most beneficial?  Absolutely!  Is an optimum mate a 'soul mate'?  Truthfully I don't know; I've never read an adequate explanation of a 'soul mate.' 

What I do know is that I can intuitively sense and / or Remote View an optimum mate; and there is only one.  Soul mates seem to be numerous.

Optimum Mates are a part of your optimum path or trajectory in life.  To understand why a man or woman would be married to the wrong person is pretty simple.   They ignored their heart and / or their intuition.  This frequently happens in our society, which frowns up intuition as 'irrational.'  As we all know however, there are some things that make no rational sense but must simply be felt.

People not only make mistakes, in our overly-rational society, about mates, but vocations and location to live as well.  But that, is another story!
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