Men And The 'Commitment Issue'

Let’s see, last time I checked, I was a man!

There some customers who would like me to be a woman.  But guess what? When you call a straight male psychic, you’re going to get a male perspective!  As shocking as that might seem, it’s the truth!

Most of my female customers, who are the majority, are very accepting of the intuitive information. They appreciate the unique intuitive insights I can offer while helping them understand the very different manner in which we men think.  

Over the past 25 years of psychic work, I have probably run into a dozen men during readings who were absolutely fabulous and immediately told my customers to keep him.  The only reason they were calling me was for confirmation.  I’ve run into about twice as many men who were just complete dogs and I told my customers to dump him.  The vast majority of men out there are good guys, trying to do the best they can in a confusing world.  There are very few real ‘players’ out their ladies.  That was back in high school.

Most men do not have commitment issues, they don’t get involved with women just to break their hearts and they don’t drink your tears for pleasure. There are tons of psychics out there who will tell you that your guy is a player when he is not.  It’s one of the easiest things to do.  Other psychics will tell you that your guy will magically turn around, come back to you and everything will be great.  Both of  those options take  power and responsibility away from you, the customer!

Now, this might not be politically correct in the psychic handbook, but there is almost always something you have done or said to make your man cool his jets with you. Therefore there is almost always something, however small, you can do to improve your relationship and communication with your man.  That is where I come in. I am intuitive and a straight male and I can tell you exactly what he is thinking, exactly what he is feeling, and exactly what you can do to improve things.

But please don’t call me up, just wanting a scapegoat or me to tell you your guys is great or a dog.  Chances are, he’s neither.  For the purposes of illustration, I am going to list a few things not to do if you want to improve your relationship with your man: don’t sleep with his friend, don’t steal money from him, don’t stalk his every move around the internet and confront him with it constantly.  Don’t create spoof social networking accounts with a model's picture offering him more revealing pictures.  Don’t email and call him 50 times a day and demand to know why he won’t call you back.  Don’t show up at his place of work only to flip him off in front of co-workers.

For men, most of their supposed ‘commitment issues’ revolve around real problems they are trying to solve with you.  The issues are simple.  Some examples are: money (their lack of usually), children (from a previous relationship, yours or you wanting more kids), sex (incompatible styles / appetites), long distances, work schedules and career goals.  So when you call me, please be open to possibility that what your man is telling you is the issue, really is the issue; especially when I pick it up intuitively before you tell me anything about him!

I don’t have your guy on the phone, I have you on the phone.  I want to help you improve your relationship and as a male psychic, I can do that!  But not if you insist that your guy is a Prince or and Villain.

I look forward to your call looking for real solutions. 

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