My Cold Objectivity & Your Emotions

Cold objectivity has its value in psychic readings.  One unfortunate phenomena many of us have run into is having a Psychic let their personal experience color their view of your situation.  That will never happen with me. 

While I can be compassionate about your situation,  I am coldly objective about the psychic data.  My personal experience has no place except as an occasional point of reference. 

Nor do your emotions have an impact on the reading. You can be crying, sobbing or even screaming. As long as I can make out what you're saying, I'm okay with emotions. I can read right through them! The only thing I would have a problem with in you calling into question my integrity as a psychic or hurling personal insults at me. If you get excited about your man and demand to know why he is behaving a certain, I will tell you. You're tone, quite frankly, doesn't make a damn bit of difference.

I only ask that you be honest with your verbal feedback so I can stay properly attuned to your situation.

If you want brutal accuracy with practical application, I am your psychic!  Talk to you soon!
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