The Man Whisperer

I've joked with a few of my customers that I was going to start calling myself The Man Whisperer! Maybe I won't change my member name to that, but I'll blog about it.

Okay ladies, listen up: Everyday I run into the same series of problems with my mostly female customers. Don't take this wrong, I love you all and am happy to help. But the average woman is completely lost with the signals the average man puts out in a relationship. This is understandable, since we really are wired very differently.

About half my time on the phone is spent, not perceiving raw psychic information, but explaining how the male animal works in general; and then specifically, how the customer's man thinks and feels about her. This is wonderful too, since I really do help the customer.

The part that shocks me a little is how perplexed most women are about how men think. I would suspect with how much energy females put into relationships, they'd have their guy figured out by now. ;-)

Again, I do not mean to be insulting or offensive. It's easy for me because I am a straight-alpha-male psychic. One hint I would like to give you ladies before you call me is: guys are very, very simple. Most of the time, you're reading way more into the situation then is there.

There are many fantastic female intuitives here on Keen who can help you explore your feelings and spirituality in ways I probably never could as a man. So please don't think I'm being derogatory toward them.

But if you're completely confounded and hopeless lost in the forest of overly plain male behavior, please let me help you

Honestly, unless you want to talk about your feelings at length, it will probably take me less then 10 minutes to help you understand just how little your man really thinks! :-D

I AM The Man Whisperer!

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