True Love
“The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings” ~ Plato

The phrase true love is almost as misunderstood as the word love.

What is true love according to this masculine male psychic? It’s optimum. It’s the best of all possibilities. It’s not the easiest, it’s not the ideal, and it’s not perfect by any means.

There are two things that are almost equally sad as a psychic: a customer who want to force a temporary relationship to be a true love one, and the customer who wants to make true love a temporarily relationship!

I’ve been asked many times: how can you tell whether this is a temporary relationship or true love? It’s intuitive; I can feel it.

Forget the analytical answers and classic relationship texts. Chances are pretty good, you and your true love should have been done with each other years ago, and with good reason. But you cannot give each other up!
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