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Like most of us in this journey, I seem to have running spiritual themes in my life. I am constantly looking to improve myself and heal. So this blog will address my struggles, and connection to spirit through my journey.
The Dark Side

Do you long to retaliate against a love that has hurt you and treated you poorly?  Do you long for their Karma to activate immediately?  Well you are not alone, I have spoke to clients frequently who desire that, or just feel as it is not fair that someone can be so cruel and selfish, and find new love.  The client then speaks gradually they begin to feel guilty.  They struggle with their own dark feelings.  Jung calls that our shadow self, it includes dark and unknown aspects of our personalities.

The Shadow self is made up of choices. We choose by acting or not acting in a certain way. When you choose to call the boyfriend’s wife, that is a choice.  When you choose to let go and move forward, that also is a choice.  Thomas Moore in the The Care of The Soul says “The person we choose to be automatically creates a dark double-the person we choose not to be.”

One of the most popular stories that illustrates the principal is Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that shows a man with who life splits because of it. It is almost like having a dark twin that resides inside of us.

Though we live in a free culture in the USA, at times some of own choices seem not free at all. The truth is we are influenced by our upbringing and friends, our work.   Women are taught not to be as assertive and boys not to cry. Now these are very generalized, but you get my meaning. Repressed enough and these feelings or parts of our personality can become detrimental, harming ourselves and others.  This is true especially when they are acted out.  Anger, sexual repression, lying and stealing even addictions are examples of this.  They seem to unleash an almost “other” personality to a normally well adjusted Person. 

There are ways, numerous ways to cope with these parts of one’s personality.  The first I believe is to accept, even embrace it. Why, you ask, it is human part of our personality.  The next part of this is to find a healthy way to express it.  I always suggest expressing it through writing, talking to a safe person, through exercise, art,  there are many ways.  I know a gentle man, who had what he considered a dark side, and he did role playing games. Though not a fan of Shadow Run myself, it helped him.  I never saw it manifest in destructive patterns.

There is a positive side to this.  A seemingly gentle person who finally stands up for themselves in an uncharacteristic stance, is also using a shadow side.  It says, “enough is enough and I am not going to take it anymore.”  Or, “I am just going to do it, I don’t care what people think.” It creates freedom, and even ambition, positive change.    These characteristics need to honed and made a positive part of the person. They can be part of a spiritual experience when people make broad sweeping changes.

The shadow represents what is  repressed or hidden in us. A lot of times you see it in a person both male and female in mid life.  We call them crisis, but sometimes they are that part repressed for too long pushing to the surface.  These pieces can be integrated with the person.  Then a whole new life formed by own them and examining them.  Assimilating one’s shadow is the greatest expression of a human life.

So when you think you want to call his wife, embrace it and call a friend, or journal, or just go to the gym and exercise until you feel it.  Pause when agitated or doubtful is one of the best pieces of information anyone has ever given me. 

If you just need to talk, I am here tonight off and on until midnight.

# re: The Dark Side @ Tuesday, March 08, 2011 12:32 AM
This is an excellent blog.  The "shadow person" within each of us can in fact take control when a body is in crisis.  You have really defined this phenomena very well.  Thank you so much for the fine blog and sharing your insight.

# re: The Dark Side @ Tuesday, March 08, 2011 8:02 PM
Hello Angelic Visions . . . I've read this blog a couple of times and thought about it several times too . . . You are ABSOLUTELY 100% accurate!  Everyone has a dark side . . . .what we decide to do with that dark side is what is important.

Even Lilith who has her own dark side was aware of it and gave Elijah the star of David as a shield of protection from herself . . .

And the gentle person who learns that enough is enough and can stand up for themselves without harming others is a hero in my eyes!  It is NOT easy to learn new life changing skills . . . but it is possible . . . one day at a time.


:)  Ronda
# re: The Dark Side @ Monday, October 15, 2012 3:04 PM
unfortunately i was the recipient of the call that her boyfriends' bitch "wife" was in the way.  She got what she wanted when I immediately ended the marriage so her "dark side" was quite powerful. Had she not facebooked me, I would have still been a dutiful wife. so she won the game and broke up my family and took the kids father away. why don't you tell your clients to close their legs and stop screwing married men?
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