Angel whispers... Walking in the Light

I believe in thanking Spirit, as I have watched what wonderful things they have done, time and time again. Thank you, Spirit...
With Love & Light....

I was asked about the "With Love & Light" that I sign my e-mails with... The person had heard and seen it time and again but didn't really understand the meaning behind it.

Whenever we hear people talking about ‘love and light’, some of us just don't understand or we act as though we do, when we do not. The depth of these small words are often confused. Used by Reiki Healers, other alternative healers, and other spiritual beings, there is a tenancy for others to just repeat these three words, without a true understanding of the meaning.

According to Vineet Jain, a USUI Reiki Grand Master, "...the colours of our Chakras, are understood to be these seven colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet and are an important part of our life. Our physical body is consisted of three different energies, known as water, air, earth. When we people talk of Light, it means white light, which is formed by mixing these seven colors, i.e, we wish that your all seven Chakras are balanced and your health, wealth and finances are in good shape.

When we say ‘Love’ to you, it just means that your life is full of love and you are truly loved by all around you. We always wish you to have a love filled, happy life and that your life itself is a blessing. Thus, I do hope that with this small article, you are able to understand the reason for us to speak ‘Love and Light’ to you and others."

Hope this makes things a little clearer.

With Love & Light Always,


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