FULL MOON ECLIPSE in GEMINI! What does this mean for you?
A robust of powerful energy permeates the atmosphere as the Full Moon in "Mentally-Ambitious" Gemini Opposes the Sun in "Adventurous" Sagittarius in an Intricate & Dynamic Lunar Eclipse!  Both Gemini and Sagittarius are intellectual, spontaneous, future-minded & fast-moving energies. Whatever changes you've been drumming up lately may suddenly be pounding in your lap! The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini is stimulating your mind to analyze your life and communicate with others about your plans. The Moon's opposition to the "Sagittarius" Sun is igniting your passions to go after your most deeply-rooted desires and propelling you to "optimistically" move forward. Freedom from restraints may be a bone of contention in some area of your life. You may find yourself making an about-face turn in your love-life, career or embarking on a new journey, a trip to a foreign land, or spiritual retreat. Moreover,  Lovely Venus in "Impassioned" Scorpio seduces Pluto in "Ambitious" Capricorn placing a strong emphasis on love-life and money-making ideas that hold water. Intensifying these aspects, the remnants of the Venus-Saturn aspects (last 2 days) and the Mars-Pluto interaction (yesterday) are still lingering energies intensifying the impact of the eclipse and creating an  uncontrollable desire to build a future for yourself & work in a partnership/business with a romantic partner. An innate desire for stability is prevalent. Furthermore, the recent Uranus/Pluto aspects beginning last June triggered a lot of people for an internal need for change in their lives. Therefore, whatever has been festering inside of you over the last few months is likely to feel as if it just got re-ignited with fire-power and tons of ideas behind it.  Tonight, the Full Moon Eclipse tickles Jupiter showering us all with hope, optimism, and inspiration. Both Jupiter & the Moon are in Gemini allowing for a plethora of ideas to fill the recesses of your brain. Mentally, you mind may be going a mile a minute downloading ideas like songs off the internet. Passion and intensity in relationships, career, money matters, home-life and and yearning for overall stability can run rampant and overflows with enthusiasm. Your emotional state may have the chance to lighten-up a bit despite the intensity brought on by the Full Moon Eclipse. An eclipse occurs when the planes of the Earth, Moon and Sun come together at two nodal points in stimulating your mind to "think" a lot about your life. It's invigorating your spirit to make choices that change the way you conduct your life and encouraging you to fulfill your soul purpose and find your soul mate.
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