Second Sighted Clairvoyant ~ Remote Viewer ~

SECOND SIGHTED CLAIRVOYANT ~ REMOTE VIEWER...Born with Natural Ability to Feel your Emotions to Read Your Life's Journey and those in your Energy Field...I read... QUICKLY, *PRIVATELY, and *ACCURATELY... AVAILABLE ON CHAT TOO!
*~*~* The Thistle in the Kiss *~*~*

You send me blue valentines

Like half forgotten dreams

Like a pebble in my shoe

As I walk these streets

And the ghost of your memory

Is the thistle in the kiss

And the burglar that can break a roses neck

It's the tattooed broken promise

That I hide beneath my sleeve

And I see you every time I turn my back

Why do I save all of this madness

In the nightstand drawer

There to haunt upon my shoulders

Sometimes our hearts hurt so much it feels like we want to hide it away forever , Yet this is our journey, individual for each of us ... Sometimes we're gonna get Hurt ...........we are not alone in this.... we can Love again to not be afraid ... LETS TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR JOURNEY HERE ON EARTH......

With deep care and insight,

Ask Helga

Excerpt lyrics of  *Tom Waits

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