Second Sighted Clairvoyant ~ Remote Viewer ~

SECOND SIGHTED CLAIRVOYANT ~ REMOTE VIEWER...Born with Natural Ability to Feel your Emotions to Read Your Life's Journey and those in your Energy Field...I read... QUICKLY, *PRIVATELY, and *ACCURATELY... AVAILABLE ON CHAT TOO!
I was Raised with-in a Lineage of Gifted Psychics....Barefoot and Tuned In....

I was BORN SECOND SIGHTED which means: The ability of discerning what is not visible to the physical eye, seeing past and future events, the capacity of a seer, receiving visual impressions. to explain how i do this I listen to your question then I look away and in that moment I connect to the energy frequency and see visually or in symbols the answers and more .....its a process I have felt and understood all my life..

The Ability to Read Energy is within all of us. It is one of our most primal and valuable instincts. Not only can I read for you but I can help you to tap into your own gifts and not be afraid to rely on them.. ..We are DivineĀ  Beings with many gifts.

I was raised within a lineage of gifted psychics and honed my gifts through the study of shamanism, tarot, dream work, and a spiritual study of nature. Over 25 years guiding people all over the world from all walks of life. There are many names for what I was born with; simply put I feel & I see with my Third Eye. Its as simple as that, I look away from regular site, connect with your Energy & thru you I will find the answers you seek. I pick up fast and I get to the point. Even in a short reading we can answer your question. I speak directly about what I see. As I hear your question,You are my "Top Priority," You are my focus.

Of course, if you come seeking what you wish to hear. I won't and cannot do that. This is my life's work I take it very serious. I am here to serve you humbly with my natural born gifts and that means telling you truthfully what my visions are for you. Remember its is you who seek the answers, you must listen, open your heart, & intuitive nature to understand the visionary messages that are being revealed to you.

Please prepare yourself, to clear energies by taking deep cleansing breaths and focus on the questions at hand. Allow yourself to be free of preconceived ideas, We are children in this universe. Magical creatures with such power and purpose. Now, If your ready....Lets Begin.

With Peace in Mind

Helga of Ask Helga

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