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2019 - What each Sun Sign needs to work on
Hello everyone,
Welcome to 2019!  This is going to be a year of ups and downs, challenges and victories.  With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) have the most work to do.  (This isn't just for the sun signs either, anyone with any planets in these signs will be feeling the pressure.)
Exactly how this will work out on an individual level depends on each person's natal chart (or astrology chart).  To calculate a natal chart, the astrologer needs:
1. Your birth month/day/year
2. Time when you were born
3. Place (City, State or country) you were born in

If you do not provide all of this information, it is impossible to provide perfectly accurate information!  If you say "I was born on August 2nd" and nothing more, then the astrologer can only provide very general information.

The below information is general but will be accurate for some.

  • Aries will be feeling the pressure to perform at work and with official matters.  Now is the time to do what you need to do in regards to employment and government responsibilities.  There may be some hardships involved, it may cost money but in the end you will be much better off.

  • Taurus will have more work to do with foreign matters, higher education and publishing.  Now is the time to take classes or go on business trips as they will improve your career and life in general.

  • Gemini has work to do with joint finances, debts, taxes and transformation.  You may have to completely change the way you have organize your finances and/or your partner may need some money.  You may also have to deal with someone having surgery or other life changing issues.

  • Cancer will have challenges with partners who may need them to take on extra work or responsibilities.  There may be more pressure from competitors and problems when dealing with the public.  You may also have to appear in court and it will be difficult.

  • Leo may have problems  in their daily routine.  You may have to do with less resources with your job or you may have to do more work for the same pay.  Some Leos may have to take on more responsibilities with animals.

  • Virgos will have to take on more burdens with children and other creative projects.  Things may be more work and require some sacrifices of time or money.  You may also decide to work in the entertainment industry.

  • Libras may have more work to do at home.  You may have to take on some responsibilities with parents or family.  You may also have some extensive home repair work to do as well.

  • Scorpios may have some problems with daily commute, cars or other neighborhood issues.  A neighbor may cause you some headaches and you may have to write some official letters to make sure that things get done.

  • Sagittarius may have some money issues.  This is the time to budget and cut back on unnecessary purchases or you may end up doing without.  This is the time to live leaner and be careful with finances.

  • Capricorns need to take on more responsibilities and avoid abusing power.  You may become obsessive about certain topics, make sure to focus all of your efforts on worthwhile projects.

  • Aquarius may have to do more work for large institutions, hospitals, zoos, etc.  You may have to work in solitude or on your own more.  You may also need to get some type of therapy if you have any problems with depression or addictions.

  • Pisces may have problems with friends or acquaintances.  A friend my need more help from you than you were prepared to give.  Self-employed Pisces may struggle with business finances and need to cut back on office expenditures.

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