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Astrology Forecast Feb 5- 11th 2017

Feb 6 2017 Jupiter Stations Retrograde

 23°Li08' R
Jupiter is going retrograde from February 6th through June 9th 2017 when Jupiter will station direct at 13 deg Libra.    Jupiter retrograde affects financial, legal, publishing, higher education, foreign matters as well as religious matters and higher knowledge.  There may be delays in funding or expansion during this time.  Litigation may go on for a longer period of time as things ruled by Jupiter may be delayed and drawn out.

On a positive note, you may receive gifts or benefits from the past.  Some may finally receive finances or help that they have been waiting for.   People will find luck by searching though old or previously abandoned projects.  This is a good time to restart a business or website that may not have flourished the first time it was launched.  Retrogrades are good times to redo, rework and review and with Jupiter this means going back over financial opportunities, spiritual pursuits, higher education, long distance travel . . .etc.  This may be the time to go back to school or return to a previous vacation spot.  If you had started learning a new language in the past then stopped, now is a good time to pick it up again.

The idea of Jupiter going retrograde is similar to Mercury retrograde in that it is the time to go back and review past dealings with finances, education, international business, publishing, etc.  This is the time when you may gain wisdom or higher education by going back over something you studied or taught before.  This is also a time to try to restart a business or educational project.  

In ancient times, astrologer Abu Ma'sar writes about Jupiter retrograde in the 800's:
 " . . . when Jupiter recedes it is similar to a rich man subjected to a lot of bondage and therefore distressed or to a wise, sensible and careful man who submits to the mediocre anxieties of the rational part of his mind . . The stars cause offence particularly if in their receding they are in a foreign place or in their adversities or in their humiliations and especially if they are afflicted with a malevolent star in their receding: then, they are similar to an ill man whose strength is failing and who is seized by another bad thing at once. Indeed, the stars which recede alter their nature and therefore they complete their operations in a weak way."

All retrogrades of Jupiter (or any planet) are not the same, as the sign, fixed stars,and aspects that Jupiter receives are important to study.  Jupiter in Libra is stronger than weaker as it is not in dignity or debility but peregrine. This causes a planet to behave worse more often than better but in a cardinal sign, causes Jupiter to be more active and it's effects felt powerfully.  Jupiter begins it's retrograde at 23 Libra on fixed star of Spica, which is beneficial  Astrologer Vivan Robson writes that Jupiter with Spica results in:
"Popular, social success, wealth, ecclesiastical honour and preferment [promotion or appointment to a position or office]."

So this Jupiter retrograde may result in some significant success for people who have it prominently placed in their birth charts.  All in all, effects of Jupiter may not be as expansive or successful as hoped since Jupiter is traveling in the area of the zodiac known as via combusta (the burned path) which stretches from 15 Libra thru 15 Scorpio.  Jupiter may be ineffectual in the time it spends in this area so aspects to and from Jupiter may not amount to much for the rest of the year except for May, June, and the first half of July when Jupiter escapes the 'burnt way' for two and a half months.

Since Jupiter signifies Republicans and Saturn, Democrats, this indicates a tough year, for Republicans.  However, Republicans will gain some strength in May-July 2017 when Jupiter is at 13-14 degrees of Libra.

Feb 7 2017 Mercury enters Aquarius

You are brimming with original and unique ideas. You enjoy exchanging ideas with other people, particularly friends and groups of people. You are an inventive thinker, and may rebel against old and traditional ideas.

With Mercury in Aquarius, people will want the truth first and foremost from others.  This is a time when people will be able to see things in an unbiased light.  Mercury in Aquarius is an excellent placement and allows for people to tap in the Universal Mind.  This is good time to sign documents or write on matters that benefit all of mankind. 

Aquarius is a fixed, air sign so ideas are stable now so people will be more willing to work together on shared goals effectively.  Group projects that concern communications, writing, or knowledge will flourish now and produce high quality work.

Feb 9 2017 Sun Sxt Uranus
 21°Aq19' D 21°Ar19' D
A keen interest in ideas which are progressive or innovative. Scientific mind. Inventive. A questioning mind. Mental excitement. Taking action which changes things and brings improvement. Joining with others for a specific cause or purpose.

Many new and original ideas being revealed by leaders this week.  Shocking or upsetting events may develop as the direct result of a leaders decision which could lead to rebellion.

Leaders will discuss the internet and other forms of technology now. Advanced technology is utilized and discussed. There may be some advancement in science or metaphysics. A new study may be released which circulates quickly.This is an auspicious time to think outside the box and try a new way of doing things. Now is the time for implementing or introducing a new or unorthodox way of doing something.

Feb 10 2017 Mercury Sxt Venus
 05°Aq15' D 05°Ar15' D

Flowing social conversation. Spirit of compromise and agreement. Harmonious interaction. Clarity. Appreciation of beauty.

This will be a relief in relationship and money matters as Mercury forms a positive aspect with Venus.  This is an auspicious time for signing documents - especially one's that pertain to money, beauty, childbirth, jewelry, luxury items, music, art, fashion, poetry, gardening, flowers, and  relationships.

This is also a positive time for diplomatic relations, so scheduling meetings now would work out more pleasantly.  This is also a good time for writing, speaking, all forms of communication.  Enjoying music, the arts, and literature are favored now.

Keeping in mind that Venus in Aries is in detriment and conjunct Mars so this aspect may not be as helpful, lucrative and loving as might be hoped.

Ancient astrologer Abu Ma'sar writes about Venus and Mars in the 800's:

"When Venus is with Mars it is similar to a woman who searches for pleasure and who joins a man that is perverse and is a whore-monger; she fears him, flatters him and she has a loving attitude towards him and shows affection to him; and however these things are pretence, she does them for fear. When Venus is with Saturn, it is similar to a young woman with a good figure who keeps company with an old, impotent man. She is distressed for this reason and the way she leads her life seems unbearable to her. When it is with Jupiter it is similar to a woman who is in the prime of life, and who joins up with an honest man and there is affection between them. When it is conjunct to the Sun, it is similar to a grieved and suffering woman who is always subjected to her husband. When the stars of Jupiter ,of Saturn are together , they are similar to two mates who, nevertheless , are completely different and each of them aspires to harm the other and bring him to a ruin. Then , if we find Jupiter with Mars, it is similar to an honest man who joins another man who is wicked and dissolute. If we find Jupiter with the Sun, instead , it is similar to a man of lowly origin and living standard who can not do anything. If we find Jupiter with Venus, it is similar to a strong, rich and generous man. Finally, if Jupiter is with Mercury, it is similar to a man who shows a lot of care in carrying out his duty successfully."
While Venus is not well placed in Aries now, she will be stationing retrograde in a few weeks and returning to her sign of exaltation, Pisces.  This signifies women, relationships and money matters returning to a former elevated status as was enjoyed in the past.  So good things to come for Venus related matters in the near future, however before that it may be a disappointing Valentine's holiday for some people this year.

Feb 10 2017 Full Moon - Lunar eclipse
22°Le28' D

As if all of the retrogrades and detrimental placements of the benefics were not bad enough, it is eclipse season.  This indicates scandal and things coming to light.  Expect some unexpected revelation in the news and possibly in your personal life if you have planets/points in your chart at 22 degrees of Leo. 

For an eclipse to occur, the light of the sun or moon needs to be blocked.  In an astrology chart, the sun or moon need to be within 18 degrees  of the nodes for a solar eclipse and 12 degrees for a lunar eclipse.  The nodes are the points of the ecliptic that the moon crosses.

Take a look up at the sky this Friday at 7:33 PM EST when the eclipse is exact and you will know how this eclipse may (or may not) affect your life.

Traditionally the effects of eclipses were judged by how the sky appeared that night. Eclipses were originally studied to understand the effects that they had on entire cities of countries. Many years later when astrologers started delineating personal horoscopes, they could determine whether an eclipse would have a direct effect upon an individual's life.

In ancient times if the sky was cloudy and the eclipse could not be seen, then the city or country was spared any malefic effects. Eclipses were always considered bad omens. So not being able to witness the Moon passing through the earth's shadow was very good news for the people.

“Eclipses were considered particularly hazardous as is shown in the communication found in the archives of Nineveh from a priest to King Ashurbanipal: ‘To my Lord the King of all Countries from your servant Bel-u. May the gods, Bel, Nabu, and Shamash bless your Majesty. If an eclipse occurs but is not observed in the capital such an eclipse is considered not to have happened. The capital means the city in which the King is staying. Now there were clouds everywhere we thus do not know whether the eclipse occurred or not. . . I have already written everything to your majesty about the portents of an eclipse that happened in the months Adarru and Nisannu. And as to the apotropaic [the turning away of evil] rites for the eclipses that are already performed, what harm can be done if there was none? . . . The great gods who live in the city of your majesty have covered up the sky and not shown the eclipse. That is what the King should know, that this eclipse has no relation to your majesty or his country. On this count the king should be happy. . . ‘” (The Encyclopedia of Astrology; Sandra Shulman; Pg 27)

When ancient astrologers wanted to do a forecast they would watch for any eclipses and consult the standard astral omen book, Enuma Anu Enlil.

Jupiter/Saturn conjunction points are prominent in times of plagues or other disease. This eclipse on Feb 10, 2017 will exactly square the 2000 Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 22 degrees of Taurus. This might indicated news of the spreading of a virus or other health issue.

Scientists are excited about this upcoming lunar eclipse, even though it is a partial eclipse, only in the penumbra but it is the only one visible in North America this year and it happens at a convenient time for viewing (7:33 PM).  Read more about it here.

Feb 11 2017 Sun Tri Jupiter
23°Aq05' D 23°Li05' R

There is a double approaching Sun trine  retrograde Jupiter that perfects on Saturday so some good news to come! People will be feeling positive and generous. Intuition and other abilities are expanded.

As a result, this is an excellent day to socialize, go out and mingle with others, and to expand your horizons.  This is also a good transit for any legal affairs.

The Sun and Jupiter in air signs indicate that doing something dealing with communications, social media, and politics.  Some may have luck in these areas.  New projects begun by leaders may go well now and become a success.

This is a fortuitous time for everyone to travel, learn something new, and be involved any work in publishing, law, international relations and/or spiritual endeavors.

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