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Astrology Forecast March 12 - 18th 2017

March 12 201 Full Moon
22 Virgo

Today's full moon marks the culmination of the previous solar eclipse/new moon at 8 degrees Pisces.  The highly charged solar eclipse fell in the sign of the subconscious, hidden, mysterious sign of Pisces which signifies social services as well as universal healthcare. So new beginnings or revelations at the end of February may be gaining some momentum now as results are shown in the areas of work, healthcare, and service industries.  The end of March will be a time to work on how to best handle the details, make the best choices and siphon out the best parts in order to move forward onto the next phase or project.  In the US it was announced around the time of the New Moon solar eclipse that Obamacare would be discontinued.  Now the healthcare industries (Virgo) are going to implement new reforms with this Full Moon, is one manifestation of these celestial events.

Mar 12 2017    Mercury    Sqr    Saturn   
27°Pi17' D    27°Sg17' D

There may be some difficult decisions to make now as some people may face some sort of disappointment.  Problems with communications and traveling may also occur.  Being patient with any conversations of plans is advisable as it could become strenuous around this time.

Mar 13 2017    Mercury enters Aries

Independent thinking. Talking quickly, and thinking of new ideas. Also indicates flashes of intuition.
Mercury entering Aries denotes speedy communication which is idealistic and potentially combative.  Decisive interactions, flame wars and disagreements may abound with Mercury in the martial sign of Aries. 

Issues may revolve around problems dealing with money, women, and personal possessions.  People want to discuss topics more rapidly yet on their own terms and both sides of a dispute may be inflexible.

In general, expect communications to be fast-paced and possibly overwhelming at times.  Take a break and some deep breaths before responding to any inflammatory emails or texts.  Clarify what someone meant before reacting too quickly as you may be more prone to assume others are starting an argument.

With Mercury in Aries, there may be tendency to read emails/texts in the wrong way and think they are 'fighting words' when they really aren't. 

On a positive note, this is an excellent time to defend your point of view, deal with financial issues of all kinds and dealing with personal property.   

Mar 17 2017    Sun    Sqr    Saturn  
27°Pi29' D    27°Sg29' D
Difficulties in maintaining control over one's life. Problems, obstacles, limitations, inhibitions and delays. Feelings of insecurity which stimulate ambition and the desire to prove one's self-worth. Difficult judgments and decisions.

A tough day for leaders and entertainers.  Saturn lobs some difficult challenge or lesson their way.  People in leadership positions will have their religion and beliefs challenged now with Sun square Saturn.  Now is the time to avoid being negative and depressing.  A long journey begins with a single step, so now is the time to decide where to take that next step.  People need to work together and help each other.  This is may be a time of disappointment but it may lead to sound success in the future if handled in a practical and mature way.

Mar 18 2017    Mercury    Cnj    Venus   
09°Ar05' D    09°Ar05' R

This is a wonderful time to write about the arts or women and it is also a positive time to enjoy music and other creative outlets.  Mercury is the planet of all forms of communication while Venus is the goddess of love, art, and beauty. So writing or communicating about relationships, hobbies, theater, museums, shows, movie stars, make-up, etc. anything veusian may be very successful today.

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