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Jupiter and Saturn in 2017

From the beginning, astrologers have observed the movements of the traditional outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn, to base their global predictions. This article will cover some of the main themes of how 2017 may manifest based on Jupiter and Saturn’s location in the sky. Jupiter shows, from what sign it is in, where people will be expressing their morals, beliefs and opinions. Jupiter also indicates the direction that higher education, media, news, publishing, travel and foreign relations will take. Saturn’s placement in the heavens reveals where there will be the most concern, responsibility, restriction and fear. It builds up careers, solid structures and upholds tradition. In 2017 Jupiter and Saturn will form a cooperative aspect which may produce to some spectacular alliances with international flair.

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter entered the sign of Libra on September 9, 2016 and will stay there until October 10, 2017. Jupiter has a 12 year cycle so the last time Jupiter was in Libra was from September 24, 2004 – October 25, 2005 and every 12 years before that. There may be some related or similar events dealing with Jupiter’s effects during these dates when Jupiter was in Libra. Jupiter in the air sign of Libra will increase communications, publishing, social media activity and international cooperation. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus which symbolizes love, beauty, art, refinement, luxury, music and viewing the world from another person’s perspective. Librans are known for being charming, popular and indecisive. Libra, represented by a scale, is concerned with fairness, justice and equality.

In 2017 we will probably be asked to fill out more surveys, polls and other attempts to find a general consensus on various topics. There may also be more petitions to enforce a balance on decisions that may seem unfair. Libra is also concerned with relationships, marriage, competitions, and any one on one interaction. This is an auspicious year to get married and form an alliance, business or personal. If you are working on a big project this year, buddying up with someone may bring more luck and positive results than expected.

Equality in relationships will also be a huge concern. Gay marriage, domestic abuse, stalking, bullying, rape, may be some subjects which garner more attention this year. Jupiter in Libra is concerned with the legal ramifications of relationships. What is the right way for people to treat each other? Also what is the just punishment of any transgressions in relating to one another? Jupiter emphasizes the religious, morality and right way to judge these situations. We may have many discussions and publications centering on these issues in 2017.

Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice. Legal cases and court battles may also grow in interest in 2017 as people weigh in with their opinions of a particular case. There may also be an inflated interest in how our justice system is functioning in general. Through the use of publishing, large numbers of people may form an opinion concerning what is right or wrong with a particular case. Documentaries like A Murder in the Park, Making a Murderer, and 13th, designed to garner public support may become more important in 2017. The cause, effect and proposed solutions to fixing the criminal justice system in America appears to be a growing concern, symbolized by Jupiter in Libra. On a positive side, Jupiter in Libra may increase art, music and entertainment. 2017 may be an outstanding year for remarkable movies, music, and theater. There may be more funding for art programs, shows, fairs, etc. There may be more success and financial increase in artistic endeavors. In 1957 when Jupiter was in Libra and Saturn was in Sagittarius, John Lennon began to collaborate with Paul McCartney for the first time and went on to create the Beatles. So this year may be one of embarking on a new creative partnership which may become successful in the years to come. The theater was the scene of a political protest in November 2017 when Vice President-elect Mike Pence was given a prepared speech by one of the actors after the show.

On a personal level, Jupiter may not be as wonderful as hoped for in the sign of Libra. Jupiter does not hold any dignities in this cardinal, air sign so it can produce results which are negative as well as positive. Jupiter the great benefic, jovial, wise and expansive can be miraculous or disastrous depending on exactly what it is becoming larger than life. Jupiter can increase your optimism, outlook, finances, friends and good fortune but Jupiter can also expand your waistline, commitments, choices, and cause one to feel so much ease in a particular area of life that it can lead to becoming lackadaisical. This is especially so in the sign of Libra which already tends to have a lazy streak due to its ruler Venus wanting to enjoy the finer things. In this way, Jupiter’s influence can be extravagant, wasteful, indulgent and could become negligent. Jupiter makes you feel good about things and when we feel content, we don’t necessarily want to change or build upon matters – even when we should.

Jupiter in Libra leads to indecisiveness on ideas regarding judicial affairs, relationships, morals, and diplomatic matters. Jupiter in Libra’s sign can lead to people forming collaborations based on shared philosophies, beliefs, and opinions but that are not built to last. Libra a cardinal air sign shows active opinions which want to be pushed out into the world forcefully. This can lead to seemingly arrogant, combative discussions which could become overwhelming at times. Jupiter in a cardinal air sign can ‘talk the talk’ and will do so in large quantities. However, the test is if it can also ‘walk the walk’ which is where Saturn is needed. Jupiter in Libra may not be as wonderful as may be expected as a benefic in another benefic’s sign. It is interesting to note that in Vedic astrology, Venus is Jupiter’s enemy. Jupiter works best in mutable, flexible signs which allows for beliefs and opinions to change and adapt. Jupiter is at home in a fire sign (Sagittarius) which is known for its honesty and inspiring others with their beliefs. Jupiter is also at home in the water sign (Pisces) being generous and expanding one’s compassion for others. Jupiter in a cardinal, air sign is actively pushing beliefs and opinions which is not the best way for Jupiter to operate, hence its peregrine status. Jupiter in Libra can lead to non-stop, escalating debates. The cardinal air sign of Libra is expanding the non-stop fighting for what is right and Jupiter can exaggerate the contest or combativeness far more than it should be. This may lead to the results of Jupiter in Libra to not being as wonderful as may be hoped. The rules of the game may be discarded because of people’s beliefs taking precedence. This can lead to moralistic superiority with regards to the common laws or rules of society and especially in regards to marriage, public interactions and competitions.

In relationships, it could lead to doing too much and being too easy on others who are not holding up their end of the bargain. Expectations based on spiritual, political or other belief systems may be too high and not have enough practical considerations to keep it together. Partnerships may try to do too much, too soon and end up with a lot of wasted time, effort and resources.

In general, Jupiter in Libra is an auspicious year for marriages, mergers, competitions, court proceedings, finding a new doctor/counselor, and dealings with the public. Increasing your one on one interactions, consultations, and activities may benefit your life in many ways. As always with Jupiter, keeping your feet on the ground and being realistic what can be accomplished in a certain amount of time with others will allow you to enjoy a wonderful year, full of progress and success with a partner.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn entered the sign of Sagittarius on December 23, 2014 and will remain there until December 19, 2017. Saturn has a 29 year cycle so the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius was from November 16, 1985 – November 12, 1988 and every 29 years before that. There may be some related or similar events dealing with Saturn’s effects during these dates in Sagittarius.

Saturn is the planet that reminds us that we have work to do. Saturn’s placement indicates where you must shoulder responsibility, make sacrifices, suffer, be restricted or denied something. Saturn’s placement also signifies where you feel pressure, concerns, worry, and fears. It designates where, if you apply yourself and accept the challenges, you may build a solid career and elevate your status in the world.

Since Saturn first began its sojourn in Sagittarius on December 23, 2014, there has been an increase of concern for international travel, religious ideologies, internet activities, and higher education. Many have been dealing with extra restrictions, delays, fears, suffering and burdens in these areas. These have been some of the main topics in the recent U.S. election. The current president’s mantra while running for office was to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. This notion of creating a more solid demarcation between two countries epitomizes Saturn in Sagittarius. Another interesting fact is Donald Trump first ran for president in Saturn’s previous trip through Sagittarius. In 1987 Trump gave his first campaign speech in New Hampshire. He talked about what he would do as president but then declined to run. He repeated some of the exact same talking points in his 1987 campaign that he would use 29 years later when he ran for president again and won.

There may be a push for stricter control on the internet in 2017. Facebook and other social media platforms came under fire recently by President Obama voiced his unease about being, “in an age where there’s so much active misinformation and its packaged very well and it looks the same when you see it on a Facebook page or you turn on your television.” ( He proclaimed that these fraudulent news stories were a threat to democracy. Internet hoaxes, biased news reporting, and computer hacking appears to be some troubles to contend with in 2017. There may also be stricter policies regarding international travel as well.

Saturn in Sagittarius adds gravitas to people’s beliefs and the feeling that rules/laws need to be incorporated in the areas of religion, travel and publishing. There is a general concern that these areas are places to be feared as they are not in control as Saturn would like them to be. This may result in more restrictions and clearer boundaries being set while Saturn is in Sagittarius. This is shown by groups like ISIL and how international governments struggle to make policies which rely on separating moderate Muslims from extremist threats.

Saturn in Sagittarius is peregrine. Saturn builds walls and separates the wheat from the chaff. However this is an exercise in futility in a mutable fire sign of beliefs which can change at a moment’s notice. Cases of young people being converted to join ISIL via the internet have become a problem of Saturn in Sagittarius.

On a positive side, Saturn in Sagittarius may be successful ones to pursue business and career goals in travel, higher education and media. Some people may have to travel more to build their career or business. Others may develop their social status on the internet and/or publishing books, videos, etc. There may be more desire to obtain higher education in order to boost one’s career. All of these ambitions will require discipline and determination to succeed in the long run.

Wherever Saturn is, there is work to do and sacrifices to be made. With Saturn, you are asked to put your present pain aside in order to achieve long-term goals. If you choose to take the easy way out, you may pay for it later on. However, if you embrace the extra work, hardships, and restrictions it may lay the groundwork towards reaching the height of success in the future.

Jupiter sextile Saturn

The silver lining this year, as opposed to last year, is that Jupiter forms a positive aspect to Saturn. Jupiter at 21°Libra11’ will sextile Saturn at 21°Sagittarius11 on August 27, 2017. This aspect between Saturn and Jupiter is strengthened by the reception between them. Saturn in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter in Libra is the sign of Saturn’s exaltation. This positive aspect and reception suggests that any collaboration begun around this time has the potential to become a great success.

Jupiter and Saturn working together allows for caution with optimism, foresight with enthusiasm and good organization with expansion. This aspect could herald the start of a very successful judicial, international, artistic, and/or publishing venture. Around this time, international organizations like the U.N. may implement a noteworthy commitment, group or policy. The United Nations officially came into existence on October 24, 1945 when Jupiter was in Libra.

The end of August 2017 is a favorable time to get married, begin a company, website, or start any new endeavor with a partner which can grow and prosper. Jupiter is the “to love and cherish” part of a marriage vow while Saturn is the “until death do us part.” A truly successful venture requires both Jupiter and Saturn and 2017 they will both be at the altar.

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Aries will receive the most luck through partnerships this year.  You have work to do in the areas of publishing, long-distance travel, foreign relations, and higher learning.  After October your finances may expand.
Where your luck is: Jupiter in solar 7th house

For the first ten months of 2017 the planet of good luck and expansion moves into your solar seventh house.  This gives you luck through relationships and partnerships. For the next year you will have the opportunities to meet more people and receive benefits and kindness from them.  You may get help from others more easily and good luck from partnerships (business or personal) that you make.

With any challenges you face, seek out someone else to help you and you will gain more luck and success then may be expected.

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Taureans will find the most pleasure in your work in 2017.  Your workplace may be more fun than usual and your co-workers more congenial and supportive.  After October you may have more luck through partners and legal affairs.   You have work to do regarding joint finances, expenses, psychology and investigation.
Where your luck is: Jupiter in solar 6th house

Taureans will enjoy benefits through work, co-workers, health routine and pets.  Now is the year to shake any bad habits or embark upon a new diet or other health regimen.    Take advantage of the extra help and gifts offered to you by co-workers and enjoy it!  Any help you extend to those who work with or for you will come back to you many times over.
If you want to start a new project you probably won’t have trouble getting support from the people that you work with.  You may have some good ideas on how to improve or expand your  . . . Read more, order below!


 Geminis will find the most pleasure through games, speculation, and children for the first ten months of 2017.  You may feel pressure with relationships.   After October you will find the most luck through pets and in the workplace.
Where your luck is: Jupiter in solar 5th house
Geminis will receive benefits and good luck through creative projects, romance, places of entertainment, pursuing fun activities, and children.  Young people may be a source of wisdom, listen to what your youngsters tell you and it may lead to positive changes in your life.  Single Geminis may begin a new romance that expands your horizons in some way.  You may go back to school, learn about a new religion or culture or even travel for romantic partners.  You may enjoy more cultural activities or entertaining  . . .

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For the first ten months of 2017, Cancers will find the most joy spending time at home and with family.  You may feel pressure with health routine, work and/or pets.  After October your luck will be in romance, hobbies, and/or through children.
Where your luck is: Jupiter in solar 4th house

This year will be a beneficial one for family, real estate and retirement issues.  You will enjoy time with your family and create many special memories.  Doing activities with family members including taking trips or learning something new together will be especially rewarding.  Spiritual activities, going to church together or traveling for spiritual purposes may also be especially enjoyable.
You will receive luck through family members, at home and/or with real estate. You may also have some good fortune from things underneath the earth like mining, pipes, or oil.  You may also enjoy learning about your genealogy and/or traveling to foreign . . .
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From January through October 2017, Leos will find the most pleasure with siblings, neighbors, speaking and writing.  You may feel pressure with creative projects, romance, speculation and children.  At the end of the year Leos will enjoy spending more time at home and with family.
Where your luck is: Jupiter in solar 3rd house

This year you may have some or many outstanding ideas which will improve your life and expand your knowledge.  You may decide to take classes now and want to spread information more.  Writing and publishing may flow now so this is an excellent time for working on articles, blogs, and/or books. You may also find yourself traveling around locally for education or pleasure.
Your positive mental attitude may draw more people to you and your way of thinking.  You may engage in communications with more people from all over the world and benefit from them.

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Virgos find the most luck in their talents and finances in 2017. You will continue to have some work to do with home matters. At the end of the year you will find the most enjoyment with siblings, neighbors and/or writing.
Where your luck is: Jupiter in solar 2nd house
You may be feeling more optimistic about your personal finances and talents this year.  You may see your bank account increase during this time as money comes to you with more ease than usual this year.  You may also be increasing your self-esteem as you may exhibit more abilities with a certain talent or skill that you have.  Some things cannot be taught and that is the type of ability that you may experience some luck and expansion.  You may do this through purchasing self-help books/tapes/classes which will help you to experience more faith, confidence and belief in your  . . .
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Libras will have luck all over for the first ten months of 2017.  You may have to deal with burdens with communications and/or siblings. At the end of the year you may see your bank account improve.
Where your luck is: Jupiter in solar 1st house

Jupiter in your sign until October gives you a more optimistic outlook along with improved health and luck.  People are drawn to you now as you are more friendly and fun to be around.  You may also be more generous and open to meeting new people as well.

Your relationships will go smoothly at this time and your partnerships will be more enjoyable as well.  You may find yourself invited to more social gatherings and spending time meeting people now, expanding your social circle.
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Scorpios will get the most luck by working in solitude for the first ten months of 2017.  You may also have extra burdens with personal finances or belonging.  After October your luck will improve all over!
Where your luck is: Jupiter in solar 12th house

For the first ten months of 2017 your luck will come from behind-the-scenes.  People may be helping you without your knowledge or in ways that are subtle and indirect.  You may get luck from working in solitude or away from the spotlight.  You may enjoy doing things on your own now and possibly sleeping more soundly.  Researching, writing, meditating, or any work that you can do by yourself may bring you the best fortune now.
You may become more interested in studying psychology or topics related to the unconscious mind.  You may develop an interest in hypnosis, yoga, subliminal messages, and/or paranormal subjects.  The science behind mass psychology, advertising, marketing, or  . . .
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Sagittarians will receive the best luck from group activities, friends and in pursuing goals.  At the same time you may have to be more disciplined with your personal finances. After October your luck will come from working behind-the-scenes.
Where your luck is: Jupiter in solar 11th house

For the first ten months of 2017 you will have luck reaching your goals in life.  You may receive some unexpected funds or a raise at work.  Friends will also bring you extra luck, protection and blessings this year.  Spending time with friends, clubs and groups should be most enjoyable this year and be more beneficial than usual.
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Capricorns will enjoy the best fortune through career. You may receive some recognition or awards.  After October your luck will come to you through groups and friends.
Where your luck is: Jupiter in solar 10th house

Capricorns enjoy extra luck in career matters in the first ten months of 2017.  Your public reputation is strong and positive now.  This is an excellent time to ask for a job or a promotion.  If you have been considering starting your own company then from now through October 2017 is a good time to do it.
You could get some good opportunities now which could change your career or life path.  Now is the time to go for what you want in regards to your profession.  At this time you have luck with . ..

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Aquarians will find the best luck from foreign people and places.  You may have to work to do with friends and clubs.  After October you may receive rewards or recognition at work.
Where your luck is: Jupiter in solar 9th house

During the first ten months of 2017 you may embark on a new field of study.  Publishing, internet activities,  religion, media or travel may become more important to you.  Whatever you learn, it will be a source of immense pleasure and possibly lead to something even better than expected.  Anything you do in these area may help you in your life and inspire you.

This is also a favorable time to write and/or publish something.  You may also teach or lecture more to a wide audience.  You may also travel for educational, moral or spiritual reasons.  Expanding and enjoying your higher knowledge is important to you now and a source of enjoyment and pleasure.
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Pisceans will have the most luck from joint finances and research.  You may benefit from life/death issues and unearned income.  After October your luck will come through international affairs, media and traveling.
Where your luck is: Jupiter in solar 8th house

You may become interested in or studying issues involving major transformations, crisis, surgeries, taxes, joint finances and/or esoteric subjects.  True crimes, mysteries and other investigative topics may also interest you and/or benefit you in some way.

You may receive financial benefits from one or more of these areas or through a partner, court cases, and/or directly from dealings with the public.  You may also benefit by helping others with their taxes or other financial issues.  You may gain favors through learning and teaching about finances or other transformative issues mentioned above.

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