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Dating: some astrological red flags for women

Many women call me to find out what their latest interest seems like personality wise and whether or not he is compatible. Many times I have heard the question: does he seem to have a temper or is he a cheat?

There are exceptions to every rule, and people are complex but the first things I look at are the Moon and Venus.

The Moon in a man's chart rules his Mother and all the women in his life, as well as his future wife. If the Moon is aspected badly, he will have problems with women in his life, or in some cases he may have issues with women.

Venus rules women as well, and the type of woman he is attracted to as well as how he expresses love.

At times, aspects in a woman's chart can help these complex patterns and other times they can't. Sometimes men seek counseling to overcome their issues, and at other times they can overcome certain negative patterns. All things are possible, but starting out a new relationship with a man with negative aspects to his Moon-Venus is something I would want to be aware of as it can indicate issues with women and relationships.

 That said, I have always believed there is someone for everyone, and some men learn to temper what would otherwise be (women) issues with time, conditioning and knowledge. The same comment would apply to women. Then again, there are certain individuals who don't or won't, and some men really don't like women as people. Knowledge is always power and all people can change. I have actually seen some people with what would be considered a 'bad' transit turn it into a positive by changing their thinking and actions. This isn't meant as a condemnation of anyone. All things need to be taken into consideration in a chart.

Some transits in a man's chart that indicate issues with women and relationships are:

Moon-Pluto-jealousy, possessiveness, control, obsessive

Moon-Mars-emotionally volatile, harsh toward women

Moon-Saturn-can seem cold, responsibility comes first, not for every woman

Moon-Uranus-likes independence, changeable emotionally

Moon-Neptune-confused, liar, commitment phobias, could cheat, sacrifices, addictions, can be cheated on

Venus-Pluto-control issues, jealousy, manipulation, sexual manipulation

Venus-Uranus-sudden excitement, then changeability, sudden endings

Venus-Neptune-lack of clarity, loss in love, changeability once he gets what he wants, commitment phobia, cheating, addictions, romanticist

Venus-Mars-passionate, can indicate divorce

Venus-Saturn-controlled emotions, insecure, hard to find love, not for every woman

Pluto-Mars-potentially violent, controlling, anger issues

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