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Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the hall of shame

I wrote a few weeks ago about the affect of Mars and Venus, both in their detriment at this time, and how this is affecting the women who are coming forward to report sexual abuse by men. This all began in October, with the #Metoo campaign, and quickly spread across the globe.

Mars is in Libra and Venus in Scorpio, and neither sign is comfortable in this energy, but the fact they are in mutual reception also contributes to the current phenomenon. When planets are in mutual reception with each other, you might say they help each other out, energetically. Venus (rules women) in Scorpio rules the eighth house of sex and secrets. Mars (rules men) in Libra is at its detriment in this sign, but benefits from Venus in Scorpio's ruler Mars.

Add to the picture Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter here is also concerned with eighth house matters: sex, secrecy and other people's money. Whatever Jupiter touches it increases and enlarges, and in this case it is reports of sexual abuse which has been rampant in the American workplace for decades. It has taken this particular planetary combination to bring these issues to light.

We can actually add Saturn to the mix, as it moves through the last few degrees, and approaches its entrance to Capricorn on December 21, 2017.

Saturn rules karma, and Saturn in this sign is at home and very powerful. You could say, the chickens are coming home to roost in many instances with Saturn in its own sign.

Candidate (Judge) Roy Moore will be one such individual, as I wrote last week. As Saturn gets closer to its opposition to his natal Venus and its squares his Neptune,  I look to see a very public downfall after the new year.

The latest public figure to be accused of widespread sexual abuse is TV Newsman-Commentator, Charlie Rose, who has been accused by 8 women of sexual abuse and inappropriate conduct. Rose was relieved of his duties November 21.

Rose is a 14 degree Capricorn Sun. Pluto has been conjunct his Sun for several years, and all Pluto transits can ultimately bring change beyond our ability to control. At 19 degrees, transiting Pluto will oppose his Cancer ascendant, likely bringing his career to a close, or otherwise, bring change. Nothing will be as it was before. Uranus is involved in the mix, as it conjuncted his 26 degree Mars in  Aries, and squared his 23 degree Mercury in Capricorn that lies in his 7th house of partners. Uranus-Mercury transits often coincide with unexpected news. Saturn is approaching a square to his 29 degree Neptune in Virgo, and this transit is often associated with public disgrace and downfall.

Rose, and Moore are just two of the many powerful men that have been accused of extreme sexual misconduct over the past several months.

As Jupiter remains in Scorpio over the next year, I expect this trend to continue.

Many powerful men have historically taken advantage of women and pressed advances on them for decades, if not centuries in the workplace and beyond. Let's hope this planetary combination brings enough attention to the issue to create real change in the future, as opposed to a backlash against reporting sexual abuse, which I see as a possibility.

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