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I AM, THAT I AM...........

You are in the likeness with God. Before you judge realize that God is in everyone. If you criticize one person you are indeed criticizing yourself. Be careful not to allow your ego to feel you are God. Understand you are in likeness with God. Instead of seeing people and how awful they are understand the hurt they went through to get there. Show compassion. If you choose to see people with love then you are seeing how God see's you. You are all his children. God see's you in love.
God Bless you all. Love will mend the world one person at a time. Love will mend the world one thing at a time. His grace is awesome. I choose to love everything. If you are hurting I lift all you all up and show you love and embrace your souls. I choose to serve all of you. May you souls and spirits may be lifted in his glory.

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The Law of Attraction - Beyond The Secret...The Moses Code

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