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The Aquarius Personality Jan-28-2011

The Aquarius

The Aquarian personality type is one that I know very, very well. Why?

Because I am one.

It manifests differently in the male and female, but several key characteristics are common to Aquarians of both sexes.

They are independent, intellectual, intelligent, loyal, stubborn, gregarious, determined and at times, very absent-minded.

Aquarians are truly the types that have many acquaintances but few close, intimate friends.

When an Aquarian allows you to become intimately close with them through either friendship or romance, believe that you are very special to them.

Aquarians live more in the mind than in the heart. Because Aquarians are of the element of air, they often have their head in the clouds, and what some may perceive as neglect or absence of interest is simply the Aquarian having a preoccupation with other thoughts at the time. Their absent-minded professor intellects also add to the frustrations of more emotional types. They honestly don’t believe that they are being inattentive to you when they get caught up in the daydreams and imaginations, they think that everyone’s mind wanders as theirs does and they feel the need for freedom more strongly than any other sign in the zodiac.

The Aquarian female is usually and customarily a masculine energy regardless of how feminine her appearance or her outward bearings are. They are less emotional than any other female sign of the zodiac, they are the most analytic sign as well.

If you are in love with an Aquarian female watch out when she taps into her emotions because they can be very overwhelming to her, positive or negative, as they are not something she can intellectually scrutinize and digest, she must “feel” them, and that is difficult for the Aquarian woman.

If you want a successful relationship with an Aquarian lady then give her plenty of space and freedom, but keep in touch with her so that she doesn’t forget about you while she’s off chasing rainbows and unicorns. Support her thoughts and ideas (she’ll have plenty of them to share), and you are well on your way to winning her true heart and friendship for life.

For an Aquarian male or female true love begins with being best friends. If you always remember to be a true friend to an Aquarian, you will always have a true friend, and if you are lucky enough to become their best friend, then you are the love of their life.


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The Aquarian male does not require a lot of maintenance.

Dating him can be quite an experience. Aquarians love change and sudden and impulsive “fun”!

One night your Aquarian male may take you to the opera, and the next to a clam bake on the beach with his “hippie” friends. He will be just as comfortable in his tuxedo as he will barefoot and bohemian and hedonistic.

Aquarian males need a lot of space.

This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care for you, he just needs the time to investigate and explore on his own. When he finds places and people of true interest, he will be more than happy to introduce you to them, but he does need that independence to go out on his own.

A clingy, needy woman will never win the heart of an Aquarian male.

While he is out spelunking with friends don’t worry, try a little adventure of your own, it will make him become fascinated with you if you have your own adventures to share with him.

The Aquarian male is not a master of romance, however, he knows how to figure out what makes you tick, and if he likes the rhythm of your internal mechanisms, he will apply his brilliant intellect to surprising you with just the right types of dates and gifts and mementos to make you wonder if he’s for real.

The down side of the Aquarian persona is that they are the type to get so wrapped up in projects, careers or hobbies that they do appear to be neglectful. The easiest way to regain their interest if their pursuits are seemingly making them drift is to find an interest or hobby of your own that may fascinate them as well.

Freedom and friendship are the two key factors in having a successful relationship with any Aquarian.

If you want a lover that can truly be your best friend, enjoy riding a roller coaster as much as an eight year old, explain quantum physics and the theory of relativity to you in ten minutes, and live in the past, present and future with you simultaneously, then the Aquarius is for you!

If you have a question on the Aquarian personality type, please post it here and I will be happy to help you with it!


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