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Understanding Your Past Life Connections and Memories by Brigid Bishop

Understanding Your Past Life


Connections and Memories


by Brigid Bishop


Do you know how to determine a Past Life Connection? 

I have two that come up very, very strongly for me.

I have always been drawn to the historical period of the Civil War and have also had a fascination with slavery in the Americas.  In being drawn to this subject matter and working metaphysically in analyzing this interest, I have found that in one of my recent past lives I was a former slave who escaped bondage and became involved in the Abolitionist movement prior to the beginning of the Civil War.

How do I know this?  Well, ever since I was a young child I was always drawn to the subject and felt comfortable within its’ parameters.  Reading any works published in that time frame brought me a sense of familiarity and déjà vu, none of the descriptives brought me any “new” information, it was like nostalgia for me, as if I was returning home.  Even as an adult, where my reading encompassed the brutalities of the era, I was not shocked or horrified, dismayed yes, but they were more like memories than histories to me.

Understanding the culture of the time was an innate characteristic within, not something learned.

Through Astrological Analysis, Remote Viewing and Tarot Reading I deciphered these feelings into actual Past Life Memories and came to understand that I escaped slavery in that life time and worked diligently to help others find their way to freedom.

The other exceedingly strong memory of a past existence, and subsequently an obsessive study of culture, is that of a Geisha.  I always felt that the Japanese women were among the most beautiful and enchanting in the world, but at the same time, I had a strong aversion to Japanese men (no offense intended), what I found during my study of the culture of the time and tapping into these Past Life Memories was that I, at a very young age, was sold into the world of Geisha and subsequently lived out my life in that culture.  Not all of the memories were pleasant, I tapped into a startling memory where I was beaten by a man while in training, hence my previously stated aversion.

I actually discovered this past life memory quite by accident when, again, I picked up the book “Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden, and, again, felt as if I was reliving my own existence.  Again I analyzed it Astrologically and through Tarot and Remote Viewing, and again, I tapped into a previous existence.  I proceeded to consume all of James Clavell’s novels, including but not limited to Shogun and Gai Jin, and felt as if I had an innate understanding of the situations and culture.

To tap into your Past Life Memories, consider what historical eras and which cultures either strongly attract or repel you, start there, how much is familiar by rote and how much is new to you?  If you feel like you are revisiting your own past, you may very well have come upon a previous existence of your own.

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When you are trying to tap into your own past life memories I strongly recommend that you check out the book Pluto:  Evolutionary Astrology by Jeffrey Wolfe Green, it is an excellent resource.

Also, be attentive to those cultures and historic periods that strongly attract or repel you, that is the best starting place.

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# re: Understanding Your Past Life Connections and Memories by Brigid Bishop @ Tuesday, July 15, 2008 12:36 PM
I always love what you write.
You are so gifted.  Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
# re: Understanding Your Past Life Connections and Memories by Brigid Bishop @ Tuesday, July 15, 2008 12:47 PM
Thank you Robin!  You're not too shabby yourself my friend!

Have a great day!
# re: Understanding Your Past Life Connections and Memories by Brigid Bishop @ Tuesday, July 15, 2008 5:41 PM
Why I do declare Ms Brigid.....I can surely see a Civil War woman in your picture!   Yes indeed!  The tilt of your head, the shy perky   Ahhhh Gisha.   Very cool ladies!  
# re: Understanding Your Past Life Connections and Memories by Brigid Bishop @ Tuesday, July 15, 2008 6:32 PM
Oh no sis, I wasn't a Ms. Scarlet, I was out in back working my butt off for no pay and little necessities to try to eek out an existence, no spoiled Southern Bell here.  I relate to the culture of the American born slave during that era, I think I may have somehow escaped to the Ohio area and become involved with the abolitionist movement helping others to be free, at least that's what came up in a regression session that I did.

Same thing with the Geisha, sold by my parents so that they could survive into servitude again.

One regression did take me back to England, County York, where I did lead a life of privilige, and funny thing is my ancestors on my paternal grandmother's side are from Yorkshire....hmmmm....maybe I am my own, couldn't be, according to the regressionist I died of a broken neck in a horse back riding accident that led my fiance' to immediately shoot the horse and then himself.

Unfortunately for me, in all of my regression sessions (hey that rhymes!) I was never anyone famous or glamorous, in most past lives I was a commoner or less, except for the two lives we discovered, one in Ancient Egypt and one in Ancient China where I was told that I was a "Scribe" I have not had the pleasure of anything above the working/middle class rank, and in several have been even lower.

I am having another regression session done in August and I can't wait to see what we can pull up then!

Thanks for stopping by!
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