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If you cannot get through - here are some tips
Technical issues update for clients:
These are internet wide, and telecommunications wide. This is independent of the country you are in. The problems you may experience here on Keen are:

Inability to connect to me ( many of us ).
Not being able to add funds to extend a call.
Poor line quality.
Calls suddenly being dropped.
Slow loading of websites.
Delayed emails or redirected emails.
Not being able to reach your advisor and reaching another instead.
Not being able to rate your advisor.
Advisors looking as if they are on calls, when the system has paused.

This is a brief problem list, you may experience more.
I have seen this problem across the internet in various forms and I would like to make a few recommendations for safe internet use, and the protection of your identity.

Clear our any SPAM from your inboxes. Also be aware that those nice little forwards from your friends are SPAM. They cannot verify it's safety, often viruses are undetectable because there are so many.

Use social networking on a separate PC to your work and email PC as there are many trojans and viruses. Try not to use your work email for these accounts, or get a fake one.

Make sure you know the sites you are going to. Be selective!

Clear out your PC every couple of months. Anti-virus software is not catching all the viruses.

I know it's funny, I know you are bored, but try not to follow links off of search and movie sites. These can be malicious pages as well should you follow the wrong one. Try and refrain from playing those annoying little web games - crooks are paid to put them together and virus your PC, thus stealing your important log in information - yes, even Keen. And the more fun they are ( and usually the lamer they are ) the more people offer up their lives to these people.

When you clean your PC, please format.

Try not to use internet banking or have your bills, especially your phone bills account information emailed to you.

I know this may seem obvious, but it is not: people think it's 'part of the course' to accept people they do not know into their friends list - but they are so they don't look friendless. What an easy way into your Identity, and not only yours, but your friends, your kids, your family. All so that you can maybe have a conversation while you are bored or are waiting for 'the one'?
Update your email passwords. If you are suspecting a problem, if it is easy, try to make a new email address and don't have the information forwarded to your old email.

I know social networking is 'important' but remember this: your friends may not be maintaining their PC 'cleanliness' and forwarding you cute little viruses without knowing it by you both playing a game.
CHECK to make sure you are actually on the website. Do not follow links without typing it and if you do, make sure you are actually reaching this page. You could experience URL redirection and then surf off to another malicious page, which may look the same! Do not follow links, get the address, try the address before .com and open the page from there.

Why should you do this you ask?

Because this is sometimes why you cannot get through to the advisors, this is sometimes why your cell calls get dropped on private calls, and this is why you may have money stolen from your bank account. I have had my ID stolen and I know what to look for. You cannot get your identity back when it's stolen, your government cannot just 'assign you a new one' and nobody will really care if you lose it, you will just be part of a group of people who just have to deal with occasional credit and business disruptions. I hear of stories of people who just never go online, never can go back to their businesses, and the FBI is often unable to prosecute or resolve the issue.

As a frightening side note: I have seen that you have options now to apply for unemployment and social assistance online, thus disseminating your social security number to everyone. Hackers don't have to be smart, they just have 'bots' or software waiting for these digits to appear.
Fortunately credit card companies are taking care of some of the online transaction issues - if you watch your card, you may not experience as much fraud but - watch all your passwords, and try not to bank online!

Last if not least, please email me if you cannot get through, do not give up, and mail Keen en masse to let them know you cannot get through to YOUR favorite advisor. The number for customer service is 1 -877-keen hel. 1 877 -533 6435

I am not comfortable with the idea of working with someone so hard through a relationship and then finding out  you could not get through and Advisor X has told you to 'Call him' etc.  I have a long standing relationship with my clients often going through months to establish a decent relationship.

Please be aware that some of the calls being dropped are because of your phone provider. With everyone starting up their own, sometimes quality can suffer.
Some calls do not work well on cell, or it could be due to the country you are living in. Sometimes just try, try again, or get another phone provider and change your account passwords often.

Carmen Miro
# re: If you cannot get through - here are some tips @ Sunday, September 25, 2011 5:42 AM
good tips.  You are right about those movie and TV sites.  My computer almost shutdown when I went to a  Real Housewives site to look for a birthdate.  That was a deadly virus.
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