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Seasoned Expert highly rated 5 star psychic and successful entrepreneur, extensive background in business, financial advice, relationship building, and all around multifaceted life coach. Born psychic; gifts include, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, claircognizant; ability to communicate with the deceased; telepathic communication; remote viewing; mind reading; and more. Clients from around the globe seek my advice and become lifelong business friends

Approach to Topics
I give PSYCHIC ADVICE as UNIVERSE tells me to tell you. I do not "predict" because the only constant is change so things can change, hence the "ADVICE" so that if you don't like something you can change it and if you do like something you know to stay your course. Logical advice for logical people; If you are illogical I am not for you! My philosophy is that there is an unfathomable abundance of whatever it is anyone wants; I help you get what you want or something close to it. If I cannot because you cannot I will tell you within the first few minutes.

You'll need to be on the line for at least 3 minutes and 1 second to rate me; if you want to leave no stars and not rate this listing please have no worries, you will still be welcomed here. When reading my feedback or any psychics feedback for that matter it’s important for you to know; we take calls and chats from all kinds of people and sometimes people aren’t kind, they merely want to destroy or breakdown others because they’re having a bad day. It gets worse, fellow psychics also engage in attempts to eliminate the competition by paying for a reading with the intention of leaving a bad review or even a nice review and less than 5 stars (if you don’t have anything nice to say then say nothing at all was lost on these types). Because I actually am extremely gifted and psychic in many ways I’m also aware of your intentions within the first few seconds; if those intentions are to get a legitimate reading and you are seeking advice I know this, equally I know when you’re out to damage my reputation but I’ll still let you stay on the line with me for your 3 + minutes because I get paid either way. The only losers are those who seek to harm others because ultimately like attracts like and harm returns to sender, it’s your dime.
NOTE: If you want to leave less than 5 stars for your reading on this listing be my guest but I will block you afterward because if there is no connection or you find I'm not the reader for you it is best we both don't make the same mistake twice. Right?!

I seek and like clients that want to work on manifesting their world the way they want it, I do a lot of psychic coaching, and I have a lot of repeat clients; most never leave feedback. Keen might be pestering clients to leave feedback as a new "thing" but I'm not big on feedback/rating systems because that's not why I'm here. I'm here for you and only you when I'm reading for you. If you’re a frequent caller I will remember you after a few readings, if those readings are spread far apart it may take me a bit longer to remember you but once I do I will greet you by name and we can dive right into your Q's. Quality of service is what's important to me, not reviews although I do appreciate the nice ones with 5 stars but in reality most clients like to remain private and not rate or review publicly. They tell me during our calls or in private emails how much they appreciate what I do for them, how the advice worked, and how much they’ve enhanced their life from talking with me. I get told how they've change for the better and people around them begin to notice and also change for the better. That said, if you are looking to get better at creating the lifestyle of your dreams, relationship(s), enhance your existence, and gain skills to help you manifest your desire faster, then I might be the perrrrfect fit for you.

I read fast. You need to ask your initial Q's first. Have your Q's ready and remember if you ask the right Q's you get the right A's that are helpful and useful; be warned though, if you ask the wrong Q's you get useless A's. Based on that information, if I see you have Q's not asked or are having difficulty asking the right Q's I will ask you if that is what you want to know after or just before I give you additional advise that you may not have asked me for. I ask if you want to know only because I’m being polite, psychically I already know if you do or don’t want to know a thing but will give it regardless if Universe tells me to because that is what you come to me for; psychic advice! If it’s relevant to your Q’s and to the enhancement of your life or it may be to inform you of necessary changes you need to make to get what you want I’m going to tell you. Sometimes what I tell you might make you uncomfortable. It's okay if you bounce around with your Q's from relationship, to business, to one person or another, from anything you can think of you want answers to really; If I get answers from Universe I'll give them to you, if not I'll have you ask another Q. Sometimes A's come to me re your first Q while you're asking another Q several Q's in; I will backtrack and give you the A to that unanswered Q we skipped over. It's okay if you need to add funds, I don't mind waiting, and people often find they want to extend their calls with me.

I find that the vast majority of my clients are professional females between the ages of 35 – 50+ who enjoy asking me all sorts of Q’s covering all aspects of their life to help them make better or more informed decisions. Sometimes they need to vent a bit about things that aren’t going as planned before we go into what will turn things around so that they do go as planned/desired. Always coming from Universe and readings of others minds through my psychic abilities.

That's all I can do to prepare you for now, the rest is up to you and is all fun or should be; unless you make it otherwise and then you'll have to ask yourself why you make it harder than it has to be when life can be so easy. Anyway, if you'd like to take a chance on me, because that's really what every customer does when they purchase any product or service for the first time, “take a chance”, I'd be happy to help ease your mind, confirm what you think you know but are doubting, correct you where your mind has lead you astray, impart wisdom from Universe that my regulars tell me they appreciate, and that savvy business minded people say is good actionable advice. It all comes from Universe though, not me but I am grateful for these positive experiences and the pleasant clients I find here on Keen.

CLICK ON MY NAME (Clair-everything Psychic Guide) FAVORITE ME see all my listings this way. When you can't find me it's because I'm buried in a sea of other professional psychics, favorite me by clicking on the heart in my listing image located at top left corner; so I'm always easy to find. A link to your favorite advisors is located in your “My Account” section way way way down in the bottom right corner in small text. I switch which listing I feature to make bidding for the top 20 psychic spot more economical and help my existing clients find me with ease as well. We all pay a high premium per click fee to position our listings, sometimes when I don’t bid you’ll find me buried down on page 10 -20 depending on how many psychics are bidding when you’re seeking one out; this doesn’t change my rating or rank, it just means I’m not willing to spend my earnings bidding for clicks so my old and new clients can find me. This is why I tell you to click on the “heart” in my listing image so you can always find me in your “favorite advisor” list. I look forward to speaking with you, call now!

As noted in the blurb that got you to click on me; "Away" is misleading and bad advertisement in my opinion. I'm available 7 days a week, sometimes you might have to wait a while depending if I'm sleeping, eating, running an errand, exercising, or with another client, that wait can vary before I can initiate my call back to you but I will call you back. Keen has this new feature called a Ping and if you've indicated that it's okay for Keen to text message you we can ping each other which makes it easier to reconnect should my call back come at a time you cannot accept it. Usually when I make call backs it's because I'm about to change my status to "Call Now" or whatever new wording Keen has that indicates you can click to call me immediately and get connected without delay! Where there's a will, there's a way; so if you have your will the Universe will make sure you find your way to me.

Because this is a Financial Outlook Listing I'm required to put something about that but know that this reading can be about whatever you want to ask including or excluding your finances:

This title may have ignited the following questions in you:
“What does collaboration look like?”
“How can you guide me with your psychic vision?”
“How can I get the success I seek?
“When will I get the success I seek?

COLLABORATION LOOKS LIKE: You and I working together with your initial questions and mine to you regarding what lifestyle you want and how much that will cost you to create. We work together to create the environment necessary to invite the financial outlook you desire to flow freely to you. This is an interactive reading, not guess what I should do and tell me I'm gonna be rich reading where you ask and I speak; instead this must be interactive, because in order for you to have the financial outlook of your dreams you must participate in the accumulation, storage, and disbursement of your financial portfolio.

Don't know what a portfolio is?

Not to worry! I explain that to you but know that it has to do with your current assest, expenses, & debts. The first thing you'll put into your portfolio will be the notes you take when we speak. These notes will include planning and mapping out your course of actions required to obtain your loftiest aspirations. Your portfolio will contain and include your business plan because my opinion is that your business plan is valuable intellectual property and needs to be thought of as an asset so that you treat it with the same respect you treat your income with.

Don’t treat your income with respect?

Collaborating with me will teach you to respect the income you have even if it is cents so that you can grow it the income you want.

HOW I GUIDE YOU WITH MY PSYCHIC VISIONS: All of the above is done through psychically obtained visions and knowings that Universe, Source, and God gift to me; my abilities are innate, meaning I was born with them. The visions come from those who know you and your life situations better than you know yourself, they are tailor made to suit your unique desires, abilities, and needs; where miracles are needed we can work on those together too.

HOW CAN YOU GET THE SUCCESS YOU SEEK: Note the use of the word "work" throughout this description of my approach to guiding you, there is work, the key is to mold that work into something you enjoy doing and make it reward you with money or gifts that get you your dream lifestyle. It’s SIMPLE yet complex with a degree of difficulty that only you can train yourself to overcome; my job is to guide you through your own heart, soul, and mind gauntlet and come out a winner on the other side. I teach you how to train yourself, offer corrections during your training to keep you moving forward toward your goals, and soon you’ll know these methods well enough to train yourself. It’s important that you learn the methods and techniques I teach you so you rely on yourself more and more because I am expensive and have thousands of clients to train who call for tune ups and help with a new project or goal frequently; meaning I expect you to use these tools to continue to better your financial outlook forever.

WHEN WILL YOU GET THE SUCCESS YOU SEEK: That depends on you! How much time and energy are you willing to put into creating the lifestyle of your dreams? How effective and efficient you are with your time and energy? If you have the ability to stay focused and take actions that are in alignment with your goals you’ll get the as fast as you can. Universe, Source, and God will guide you through me to take the best actions, correct your actions that are counter manifesting your dream lifestyle or interim financial goals, and present opportunities necessary to meet your goals.

MAYBE YOU JUST WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE IMMEDIATE: I also read on promotions, bonuses, setbacks, employee relations, employee/employer relations, your current financial outlook and how to work within your budget or how to increase it.

WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF GETTING THE SUCCESS YOU SEEK: My years of experience in guiding random people vs. long-term clients is that those who are serious about making their dreams come true do the work, they grumble and complain, they don't like the setbacks and delays, they have a difficult time navigating on their own, they fail to see their own self-sabotaging self-speak, they can't stand that they don't know how it's all going to happen or the exact when, but they do the work anyway and they reap their just rewards with the occasional miracle and unexpected gifts thrown in to meet their own goals; and they keep coming back year after year after year ...

IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO: What type of client are you?

May your financial outlook be bright!

Quality matters; I'm always giving those little extras that let you know I actually care about you understanding your reading with me. Follow ups are not guaranteed but when you email me I usually respond in a reasonable amount of time; I may choose to ping you instead though. Once connected I often get more information days or weeks later and used to send out a "payment requested" email with the details of the vision but I had to stop these for several reasons I won’t list here, so if you want to know if I got anything more you'll have to write me or call me and ask. If there is something more I'll tell you "yes" I did get more you can call me to find out what it is or if it is something I can type quickly I might, slim chance, just email it to you for free; don't hold your breath. I am busy, always, if not with a client I have a life just like you and it requires that I engage in it to enhance it constantly and live it so I don't lose it. You know the saying, “use it or lose it.”

I hope you will find me to be kind, compassionate, confident, and comforting.

You will be handled with love sent direct through me from Universe, if you let us. On the other hand, if you are combative or abrasive Universe will give you what you seek and match your vibration, and Universe is bigger than you so be nice, seek answers, and if you want a punching bag go elsewhere.

Nice people CALL NOW!

Rose ,-)

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