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A Doggy Blanket That Doesn't Hold Hair Or Smell For a Few Bucks!

This is so cool. I have 2 dogs, 4 cats (well 2 cats, the other 2 I love, but they are my room mates) and a big set of allergies, so I have to keep the bed fur free right?

I tried everything even knitted blankets and they worked, but one day by accident I discovered a magic bullet.. When all the dog blankets were in the wash and I needed something to put on the bed I threw my old cloth shower curtain on. Yes, I did and I discovered it repels, hair, water, stains and my own clumbsy spills not only that but it looks great!

Most cloth shower curtains are the size of a full/queen bed (with overlap) and they look like dressy sheets or thin throws on the bed!! They also come in plain, manly or femanine designs, so they accent any decor...

Most blankies I bought cost upwards of 20.00 for my queen bed, but cloth shower curtains range from 1.00-20.00 (I usually pay no more then 15.00)

They are very durable and are machine washable too!

Even if you don't have pets you can protect your bed from stains and small spills too. Small spills would be like bumping into something with a can of soda and it splatters some on the bed.

What more could you ask for?

I won't use anything else now..

Although I do need a new one as this one goes to a poetic rose bathroom set, lol

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