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An ancient scroll was found and when translated it read: Be careful what you believe because what you believe to be true will be manifested in your life.
Who Was "The Real Jack The Ripper"?
William Wynn Westcott (1848-1925)
Who Was Jack The Ripper?
Are You Ready For The Truth?
In the early 1800s there was an occult explosion in the USA and Europe focusing on satanic and occult groups.  They had firm rules, stating that if any of their secrets were revealed, the breaker of the rules would suffer a terrible fate of being brutally murdered.  The satanic groups opened their doors to society and it was the "in" thing to do at that time.  These secret societies were open to the rich and poor, women groups and men groups.  The upper, middle and lower class sought to join.  Joining a group where the members were police officers, judges, doctors, lawyers and businessmen, a secret society that anyone would be proud to join.  If you really want to know, who Jack The Ripper was ... it was more of an institution and certain individuals ... read on.
Some of these groups catered to witchcraft, satanists and the occult in which members were subjected to cruel and evil abuse. 
The USA and Europe in the 1800's was very interested in occultism. Tired of the same old dogma of the established Churches they were ready for something different. This time period saw the rise of Spiritualism, an increased interest in Freemasonry and, most important to the Golden Dawn, the establishment of the Theosophical Society.

The Theosophical Society was established in 1875 by Madame Helena Petrova Blavatsky and Colonel Henry Olcott in New York City. Instead of communication with the dead, as in Spiritualism, they sought communication with higher spiritual beings.  (Generally this is still communicating with the dead and any spirit they could connect with.  They wanted to learn the mysteries and magic and powers to control the world).

“Its aim was to bring the esoteric knowledge of the ancients to the modern world, and to study comparative religions, the laws of nature, and humanity's spiritual faculties.” The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.  This group is also a part of the secret society Jack The Ripper sought to protect by killing off those who turned against the secret society.

They eventually converted to Buddhism and the Society became dedicated to an Eastern orientation. This left a vacuum, a need, for a group dedicated to the Western Esoteric Tradition.

Another group which was instrumental in the formation of the Golden Dawn was the Hermetic Society founded by Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland in 1885. This group explored the Bible in terms of the Kabbalah and the mythologies of Rome, Greece and Egypt. It attracted people like S.L. MacGregor Mathers and Dr. W. Wynn Westcott who was also a member who found the Golden Dawn.   One of these men would later be known as "Jack The Ripper" along with the establishment, Golden Dawn.
The social underclass soon heard of the groups and joined, some of them mothers, daughters, college students and some of them prostitutes, seeking to meet influential people, learn witchcraft techniques, how to speak to the dead and climb socially beyond their ranks in life.  It was soon realized that someone was revealing secrets of the inside working of the groups, their plans and their meetings and their practices and this was a big no no!  Some people began calling the groups and their members insulting names and saw them as being sadists and perverted.  As they practiced witchcraft and they did seek out wisdom from practicing dark arts.
William Wynn Westcott (1848-1925) And The Golden Dawn Institution (Also known as Jack The Ripper)!

Prominent British occultist and one of the founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.  He was born in December 1848 at Leamington, Warwickshire, England. He lost both parents before the age of ten and was adopted by Richard West-cott Martyn, an uncle who was a surgeon by profession. Westcott was educated at the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School at Kingston-upon-Thames, London, and studied medicine at University College, London.

He qualified as a physician in 1871 and became a partner in his uncle's practice in Somerset. He also joined a Masonic lodge in Crewkerne. After 1879, he moved to Hendon, where he pursued studies in occultism for two years. About 1880, he became a leading member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (Rosicrucian Society of England), an occult society open only to master masons. A year later he was appointed deputy coroner and later coroner for northeast London, and he wrote a number of articles for the Medical Directory. During this period, his occultism remained a closely guarded secret.

In 1887, he acquired an old manuscript written in code, said to have been bought from a bookstall in Farringdon Road, London. In the pages of the manuscript was a sheet of paper with the name and address of a Fraulein Sprengel, a Rosicrucian adept living in Germany. Westcott deciphered the manuscript, which contained fragments of mystical rituals.

These rituals were expanded by Westcott's occultist friend S. L. MacGregor Mathers, also a member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. Westcott thereupon corresponded with Sprengel, who authorized him to found an English branch of the German occult society Die Goldene Dämmerung. Westcott, Mathers, and W. R. Woodman thereupon founded the Isis-Urania temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn  in 1888. Westcott's occult motto in the order was Sapere Aude (Dare to Be Wise).

When did William Wynn Westcott go insane?  Why did the authorities in charge cover up the practices and criminal misconduct of the group?  Insanity came upon Westcott and group members over a period of time as they were deceived and tricked by demonic spirits.  They were still able to act fine in social circles but their confusion and evil practices lead them into committing murderous acts.  Read on ...

This is the official story of the foundation of the famous Golden Dawn order, but there is strong reason to suppose that the manuscript may have been the invention of Westcott or his associates and that Sprengel never existed.   (As a psychic, I believe they were speaking at times to a third party named Sprengel but they also were speaking to demonic spirits as well).  Some believe she may have been an evil spirit which haunted William Wynn Westcott, not allowing him to sleep and continually forcing him to prove himself.  Maybe it was at this point in time that William Wynn Westcott lost his mind.  Correspondence with her has been produced, but many students of occultism doubt its genuineness. For all that, the Golden Dawn attracted some of the most eminent talents of its day, including poet William Butler Yates, until it eventually degenerated into undignified squabbles, expulsions, resignations, and complex fragmentation, too perverted and abusive for the higher social class.  As members began turning away from the perversions and behavior of the group, they were warned to never reveal the details of the Golden Dawn or they would suffer a terrible fate.

In 1888, women, some considered prostitutes and some not, began disappearing only to be found mutilated, ritualistic murder.  Around the time of 1888, there was an explosion of groups focusing on satanic occult groups and witches.  One group of interest was The Golden Dawn.  One person of interest was William Wynn Westcott.  One of the rituals of the Golden Dawn involved murder while a group of others watched.

William Wynn Westcott (Who Secretly Was Jack The Ripper) and the Golden Dawn and the Freemasons

In some respects Westcott’s Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was a by-product of his connection with a Masonic ‘Rosicrucian’ fraternity called the Rosicrucian Society of England, also known as the Societas Rosicruciana in Angelia, or more familiarly as the Soc. Ros. Membership was confined to Master Masons.17 

The list of secret societies and Masonic groups that this Golden Dawn founder belonged to was indeed an impressive one.

....Wm. Wynn Westcott, an English Mason, appointed Junior Grand Deacon to the Grand Lodge of England in 1902 and the head of the "Societies Rosicruciana in Angelia" and "Golden Dawn", was also the Secretary of the Rite of Swedenborg, Knight Kadosh in Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rites, Grand Standard Bearer, Royal Arch, Grand Lodge of England, and Regent of the Illuminati and on intimate terms with one of its founders, the German, Theodore Reuss 33rd, 90th, 96th degrees.18 

The occupation of Mr. Westcott will also be of great interest in light of other events that also took place in London in 1888 which we will discuss shortly. The following description of Mr. Westcott was given by Ellic Howe:

...Dr. William Wynn Westcott, a London coroner whose private interests were occultism and Freemasonry,..19 

R. A. Gilbert writes of Westcott:

William Wynn Westcott (1848-1925) was a London coroner with a penchant for the occult sciences; he was also a Freemason...20 

When knowledge of Westcott’s occult activities became known, he was forced to stop his occult involvement, at least publicly, or lose his job. Wescott’s resignation from the Golden Dawn did not come until 1897.

Since Westcott was by profession an East London coroner, the medical authorities strangely objected that one in an official capacity should, no matter how remotely, be connected with anything that savored occult. It was suggested to him therefore that he must withdraw from the Order or else resign his post as coroner, since the two were considered in those days incompatables. He chose to resign the Order.21 

We have found out so far that the Golden Dawn was started in London in 1888 by three Freemasons; Dr. William Robert Woodman, S. L. MacGregor Mathers, and William Wynn Westcott. The connection of the Golden Dawn and Freemasonry went much deeper than the fact that it was started by Masons, we have already documented in this chapter the fact that the occult rituals of the Golden Dawn were actually performed in the Masonic Lodge halls.

Although never admitted by Westcott, Mathers or their successors to be the case, the officers of a Temple of the Order of the Golden Dawn were based on the officers of a Masonic Lodge, the parallels being quite striking.22 

The following is a excerpt from a letter by a member of the Golden Dawn that left the organization because of its Masonic ties, Maud Gonne.

Usually the G. D. held their ceremonies in the drawing-room of some member of the Order, but on one occasion I was summoned to an initiation ceremony of the Order in the Mark Mason’s Hall in Euston Road. It set me thinking. If they met in a Free-Mason Hall, perhaps the G. D. was an esoteric side of Masonry.23 

The direct connection between the Masonic Lodge and the Golden Dawn is clear to see and the Golden Dawn has rightly been described as:

..a branch of Occult Masonry,24 

In the light of what we have discovered so for about the origin of this organization in London in 1888, some other very interesting events need to be mentioned that took place in London that same year. Between August 31, 1888 and November 9, 1888, five prostitutes from the East End of London were murdered and their bodies horribly mutilated in what has come to be known as the ‘Jack the Ripper Murders’. There is one glaring similarity that all of the ‘Jack the Ripper’ victims have in common:

In each of the Ripper murders the victim was killed by the throat being cut from left to right.25 

The women victims were reported as prostitutes but most of them were not prostitutes.  However, they said they were prostitutes so that society would not be concerned about their being butchered.

Dr. Bagster Phillips report on the corpse of Elizabeth Stride:

I affirm that she was seized by the shoulders, placed on the ground and that the perpetrator of the deed was on her right side when he inflicted the cut. I am of opinion that the cut was made from the left to the right of the deceased.26 

In the lowest degree, that of the Entered Apprentice, part of the penalty for revealing Masonic secrets is to have the throat cut from left to right. The ‘penal sign’ of the Entered Apprentice has thus become a left-to-right movement of the hand across the throat.27 

The description for the illustration reads:

The Master then draws his right hand across his throat, the hand open, with the thumb nest to his throat, and drops it down by his side. This is called the penal sign of an Entered Apprentice Mason, (many call it sign) and alludes to the penalty of the obligation.28 

Dr. Ralph Llewellyn examined the body of Mary Ann Nichols, the first victim of ‘Jack the Ripper’. In a statement that is on file in Scotland Yard, Dr. Llewellyn states:

...her throat had been cut after the mutilations to the abdomen.29 

The obvious conclusion from this Doctor’s statement: the cutting of Mary Ann Nichols throat was not for the purpose of killing her, but was in keeping with a prescribed ritual.

Most of the women who were brutalized were decent women and not the harlots that they were portrayed to be.  Because the police chief was also a member of the secret society he hid information and maligned the victims.  "You better not say anything bad about our secret society or you will be sorry!"  It was a threat that was heard for centuries.

On November 9th, 1888, Mary Jane Kelly, the last of the ‘Ripper’s’ victims, was found with her heart torn out. The oath of the second degree of Freemasonry, The Fellow Craft, reads as follows:

;binding myself under no less penalty than to have my left breast torn open and my heart and vitals taken from thence and thrown over my left shoulder..30 

A description of the corpse of ‘Ripper’ victim, Annie Chapman:

The intestines, severed form their mesenteric attachments, had been lifted out of the body and placed on the shoulder of the corpse.31 

The details of the body mutilations in the ‘Ripper’ murders show them plainly to be Masonic ritual murders.

Such as a portion of Catherine Eddowes apron being cut off, ‘the apron’ being one on the most important Masonic symbols. A triangular flap of skin was also cut from each of her cheeks.

These two triangles have precise Masonic relevance. The sacred sign of Masonry is two triangles, which represent the altar top of the holy Royal Arch.32 

The courageous work of Stephen Knight showed the ‘Ripper’ murders not only to be Masonic ritual murders, but also that they were covered up and concealed by Freemasons. There is also widespread belief that Stephen Knight’s death in 1985, was murder. The following is a quote form Knight’s book , The Brotherhood, the book that many people believe cost him his life, concerning the Masonic cover-up of the ‘Ripper’ murders:

The importance of the Ripper murders was not so much in the individual tragedies of the five women who died at the hands of a demented Freemason and his two toadies, although those were disturbing enough, but in the national tragedy of what followed: an official cover-up of immense proportions that confirmed that Freemasonry really was the unseen power behind the throne and government alike.

The man actively responsible for concealing the truth behind the Ripper murders was Sir Charles Warren, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and one of the country’s most eminent Freemasons. Warren impeded the investigation of the murders at every turn, caused endless confusion and delays, and personally destroyed the only clue the Ripper ever left. This was a scrawled chalk message on a wall inside a tenement block near the site of the fourth murder. Beneath the message was a blood-soaked piece of cloth which Jack the Ripper had recently cut from the apron of his latest victim.

The message itself, according to a careful copy made by a conscientious P.C. who was at the scene early - which had been concealed in the Scotland yard files on the case for nearly ninety years before I gained access to them - read :

The Juwes are

The men that will not

be blamed

for nothing

The moment he was told of this, Warren, who had not previously ventured near the East End, rushed to the place before the message could be photographed and washed it away. This has never been explained. the Truth was that Warren, who had been exalted to the Royal Arch in 1861, had realized that the writing on the wall was a Masonic message.

Skull & Bones Secret Society

Much of Masonic ritual centers on murder. At the 3rd Degree, the victim is Hiram Abiff, mythical architect in charge of the building of Solomon’s temple. The ceremony involves the mimed murder of hiram by three Apprentice Masons, and his subsequent resurrection. The three apprentices are named Jubela, Jubelo and Juwes. In Masonic lore, the Juwes are hunted down and executed, ‘by the breast being torn open and the heart and vitals taken out and thrown over the left shoulder’, which closely parallels the details of Jack the Ripper’s modus operandi.

Warren, a founder of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Masonic Research and by the time of the Ripper murders a Past Grand Sojourner of the Supreme Grand Chapter, knew only too well that the writing on the wall was telling the world, ‘The Freemasons are the men that will not be blamed for nothing.’33 

Perhaps it is only a coincidence that these murders of the five women described as prostitutes from the East end of London took place the same year that the Golden Dawn was founded by East London coroner Wynn Westcott!!

Another Mason that was involved in the cover-up of the events surrounding the ‘Rippper’ murders, was Lord Euston.

And despite the fact that he was known to be a frequenter of the homosexual brothel, his Masonic career flourished in the wake of the scandal. The moral virtue which Freemasons profess to hold sacred was clearly of little importance when Lord Euston was made Grand Master of the Mark Masons.34 

We have already documented earlier, that the Golden Dawn held their rituals in the Mark Masons Hall and that the Golden Dawn rituals were held in the Mark Mason’s Hall in Euston Road.. That is perhaps another coincidence ???

One thing is for certain. We owe a great debt to the work of Stephen Knight for his courageous work in exposing the Masonic Lodge. As recently as June 1991, the Scottish Rite Journal ran an article to downplay and offset the work of Stephen Knight, which had a tremendous effect in England and caused Christians there to rise up in revolt against the Lodge. The article in the June 1991 issue of the Scottish Rite Journal stated:

His charge became the first volley in the current assault by some British churches on Freemasonry. An acquaintance with the book is necessary to understand the unexpected strength of the attack on Masonry.35 

Golden Dawn Associates convicted of Rape

At the Old Bailey in 1901 two Golden Dawn associates, Mr. and Mrs. Horos (not Horus!), were tried for rape. They were jailed for fifteen and seven years respectively, but only after it was revealed that they had used the Golden Dawn initiation ceremony to beguile their juvenile victims. The Solicitor-General read out huge chunks of Mathers’ revised ritual including being ‘slain or paralyzed without visible weapon, as if blasted by the lightning flash’.

He branded the entire ritual ‘most blasphemous ‘ but did not point out that large passages had been lifted from Craft Freemasonry.36 

There is probably a secret society near you now!

We have been researching the three original founders of the Golden Dawn and now we will learn about another prominent Freemason and Golden Dawn member that has made a significant contribution to our current occult explosion.

Arthur Edward Waite

Waite was initiated into the Golden Dawn at Mathers home. This was the same S. L. McGregor Mathers that introduced Aleister Crowley to the practice of magic. A tribute is paid to A. E. Waite in one of the classic books on Freemasonry by one of its most eminent and respected scholars. A portion of this tribute to Waite by Joseph Fort Newton in his book, The Builders reads as follows:

Perhaps the greatest student in this field of esoteric teaching and method, certainly the greatest now living, is Arthur Edward Waite, to whom it is a pleasure to pay tribute.37 

On page 94 of the September 1991 Macoy Catalogue, The Builders, by Joseph Fort Newton is listed in the "Basic Group No. 1" of the Macoy Library Collection.

Not everyone however has the same high opinion of Waite that Newton does. Christian author William Schnoebelen has the following to say about Golden Dawn member and Freemason, A. E. Waite:

Waite himself was a sorcerer and taught people through his books how to conjure up demons and sell their souls to the devil!

Though he kept pretending to be a "white-light" Christian magician (??), he wrote books with titles like The Book of Black Magic and Pacts. How gullible do they think we can be? One can no more be a Christian magician than a Christian crack peddler!38 

After examining first hand the writing of A. E. Waite, I am compelled to agree with Mr. Schnoenbelen. Waite’s occult writings and personal advice helped to foster the demonic growth of another fellow Mason and Golden Dawn member, Aleister Crowley, who would later go on to pursue and propigate evil to unparalelled proportions. Occult Author Francis king writes about Waite’s influence on Crowley:

Born in 1875 of Plymouth Brethren stock, Aleister Crowley had read, while still an undergraduate at Cambridge, a book by A. E. Waite and, inspired by some dark hints given in the introduction to this book, had written to Waite asking if there was a ‘Secret Sanctuary" to which he could gain admittance. Waite had sent a kindly, if a little unhelpful, reply, urging the young aspirant to read Madame de Steiger’s translation of an eighteenth-century mystical work The Cloud on the Sanctuary. Crowley did this and also buried himself in the study of obscure qabalistic texts.39 

George W. Bush & Mason's at Texas school?  Secret Societies are all over the U.S. ... there is probably a secret society near you!

As we begin to understand how the magical rituals of the Golden Dawn, the occult writings and the personal advice of such men as Mathers and Waite, created the soil that spawned the evil genius of Crowley, we can understand why prominent witches can call the Golden Dawn the biggest single influence in the occult explosion. Men like A. E. Waite deserve no praise, but our most hearty rebuke and renunciation. As we trace our current woes that we are experiencing from the occult explosion of the New Age Movement, Witchcraft, and Satanism, it would do us well to see clearly the common denominator that all of these men shared that we have researched. (Woodman, Westcott, Mathers, Waite, and Crowley) They were all members of the Golden Dawn and they were all Freemasons!

While Waite was writing as an authority on Freemasonry, he was also writing as an authority on Black Magic and the Kabbalah. We show below the covers of two books written by A. E. Waite, The Book of Black Magic and A New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry occult groups have popped up all over America.  Secret societies have cropped up in some of the best colleges all over the U.S. also associated with the freemasons.  Hidden groups and societies have long sought to control the world, by whatever means necessary.

Later Life

         In 1918 Dr. Westcott retired from professional life and emigrated to the Republic of South Africa to live with his daughter and son-in-law at Durban to begin work on behalf of the Theosophical Society (and Masonic work also). He continued his studies, his letters, and his writings. Strange ritualistic and cruel murders continue to happen around him.  He is believed to have died in Durban, Republic of South Africa, in July, 1925.  Mysteries surround his death and living experiences there.

So, Jack The Ripper, was in actuality, a group of men and several organizations that practiced witchcraft, talked to the dead and performed magic.  Dr. William Wynn Westcott, an occultist.  Part of a group of wicked and evil men and women who got caught up in satanic groups and practices and had their crimes covered up by the chief of police who was also a part of the occult group, the Golden Dawn and Freemasons.  Their were other murders that they participated in ... in Europe and the U.S.A., but that's another psychic investigation that I should do ... maybe one day, I'll take the time to do more psychic detective work on the facts of this matter.  I personally believe that other murders that occured by these groups were covered up because they did not want them to fit the profile.  The chief of police dedicated his life to protecting the organizations.


Occult Symbol ... or ... Misunderstanding?

NOTE: "U.S. President George W. Bush gave the Texas 'hook-em horns' symbol before speaking at the State Department in Washington January 5, 2006."   Occult? Or just a misunderstanding?

The angels have a modus operandi for your love life and happiness. Keep the faith. Call me for any concerns that you have: Love & Relationships, Mysteries, Dreams, Career or Life Questions.

Have faith and hope, because there is something positive and new on the horizon that you can't yet see.

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I believe the queens grandson, the one the was mentally ill and locked away was jack the ripper.  It appears the murders ceased after he was removed from public view.
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were you turned down to be accepted into our brotherhood ? i am proud to be a mason, if you only knew the truth. i have found out that most people that have your opinion have been rejected from masonry. may GOD be with you. <>>
# re: Who Was "The Real Jack The Ripper"? @ Tuesday, August 19, 2008 9:45 AM
Your data are wrong. Dr Wescott did not die in the Republic of South Africa in 1925. He may have died in the Union of South Africa. South Africa did not become a Republic until 1961.
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I believe there is a sercet society out there but who should we believe now and days things are getting worser as dfays go by and im scared. Do u really see angels? My boyfriend has been getting visions of a dragon and man fighting. And has been have dreams of the future. He feels others peoples sprirts. He has a great memory of things that happened when he was little and has been seeing things differently ever since. Im scared of the future.
P.S. Ask the angels if Jay Z worships the devil? Something about Mason!
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Wow, what a jump in logic.  The Golden Dawn was founded in February of 1888.  It was a fledgling organization when the Jack The Ripper murders began later that same year.  You say that William Wynn Westcott turned to madness (something that has never been documented) and that the Order devolved into squabbling and petty fights.  That part is true (the squabbling), years later, not during the time of the murders.   The Order existed for almost 20 years and yet the Jack The Ripper murders were perpetrated in the same year the Order was established, and then stopped.  If the Order existed for 20 years, why weren't there 20 years of murders?  You have no proof, you make conjecture, and you spread lies.  You remind me of Leo Taxil who threw out all kinds of sensationalistic conjecture to upset the Catholic Church and then later laughingly recanted.
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My goodness, while your article is well written, your facts appear twisted and full of assumptions based on your fears of the unknown.  
# re: Who Was "The Real Jack The Ripper"? @ Thursday, October 03, 2013 12:49 AM
The Westcott family from Tamerton Folliot near Plymoth were connected to our family twice through time. My great great grandmother was Miss Westcott sister to Peter Westcott the father of William. William's only surviving daughter married Albert Gee my grandfathers brother. William Wynn Westcott was known and admired by my father who was named Wynn after him. I find the twisted assumptions in this article quite ridiculous and without any foundation.
Philip Gee
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