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Hi everyone!

Chores done along with everything charged up now, I'm ready to take calls and be on chat. The boys are happily reading books right now, so all is quiet. This may be the best time to call all day! I will keep my status as available until 3:30. (It may be until 4 pm, that depends on if the boys get their chores done and we go outside to play or not.)

Side note: I am amazed by this weather. It is the 24th of February. I'm in western New York state in the Finger Lakes region. There is supposed to be snow on the ground right now, or at least cold, wet mud. But, according to the Weather Channel, it is right now almost 70 degrees F. This is astounding. I honestly have no idea what to expect from the weather now. We are still at drought status (D0 to be precise, that would be listed as 'unusually dry'.) hopefully we will get some rain to make up for the fact that we haven't had nearly enough snow. This is just amazing and plain weird.

Enough nattering about the weather, or not. If you want to call and talk weather or anything else, I'm here!

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