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I'm on Chat!
Hi folks,

I have managed to misplace my headset. As such, I am doing readings through chat until I figure out where exactly I put those blasted things. (I suspect that one of the boys may have borrowed it, they were talking about watching videos on their tablet. And if it was the one I think it was, he put it away in a safe place when he was done. Ah, kids. Never a dull moment.) If I take a minute to respond, please understand that I'm trying to find my headset.

The deck I am using today is my Robin Wood deck. The artwork is adorable and cheerful. It is also a nice, convenient small size that is well suited to being used on the desk beside my laptop. If you want a different deck, I do have my Barbara Walker Deck near by, as well as the Fool Moon tarot (I forget who the artist is on that one) and the Witch's Tarot (which was also done by Robin Wood, but in a different and more realistic style).

I'll try to put up something fun in a little bit too. Because we all need something to make us smile and help us get through Monday, right?

I am going to have to step away from chat for a little while because the boys are about to be home from school. I will be back for a spell after dinner. Have a great evening!
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