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Hi folks!

I sat down and started looking through my customer list, to make sure I didn't miss anyone. Lo and behold, there are a LOT more folks than I thought to begin with. Who knew that there were multiple pages on those lists! (Technology, you are amazing. Don't stop being your wonderful self!)

So, what does my silliness mean for you? It means that are quite a few people who will be getting their 'Happy New Year! Here's your Free General Reading!' email over the course of next month. Because I recognize that even if I spent all my waking time on it, there is no way short of violating the laws of physics (and some how breaking the space-time continuum) that i am going to get all 70 of these readings done by midnight tonight. So, if you get a email from me that has that subject line, it is your free reading. It is going to cover from this March through the next year to next March. There are more details about it in the reading.

I am humbled and deeply thankful that so many of you had chosen me to help you in the past. Thank YOU for having faith in me. Words can not express my gratitude!

PS: Readers who may be in my list, if I am causing a problem with my email, please let me know. I will add you to my list of only readers so I don't do so in the future.
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