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Runemal from the Lunar Eclipse.
    I work with runes among other divination tools. It's to some extent a birthright of mine, as I am of Germanic heritage. I am not as good with the runes as my Mother is, but she also has almost two decades more experience with such things then I do. The rune set that I used, I had fashioned myself several years ago. They are peices of milky quartz that were tumbled by stream water. They range in size from approximately the size of my pinky nail at the smallest to the size of my thumbnail at the largest.

    The stones are not all pure white. Some have inclusions of various colors, generally ranging from a pale sandy beige to a black color. I am not entirely certian but I believe these inclusions are tourmiline. With a silver leafing pen, I inscribed the runes known as the Eldar Futhark. The method of divination that I used is akin to the one that was described by Taictus in his work Germania. With a cloth spread upon the ground, I asked the Gods for clarity of vision and then let the set of runes fall from my hands. My casting cloth was a black silk scarf that I was given by a former friend of mine. I then removed the runes that were face down. Beginning in the top left hand corner of the cloth, I began to read the runes counter clockwise. I addressed each grouping as a unique entity.

    Below is what the runes told me the night of the lunar eclipse.

    Fate brings two possible scenarios:
       1. Impovershed circumstances leading to spiritual wholeness.
       2. Joy leading into a loving union.

    The physical form continues to struggle in recorrecting the imbalances from the past pregnancy.


    A summer pregnancy is ahead. It is not fully anticipated but not unprepared for.


    Strength in autumn. Words will be as weapons and honor as a sheild.


    Fetters will be released upon needed destruction, though few will understand the chaos. Ride the storm.


    I am sure that to some these readings will make little sense. For others, it will clarify something that has been hidden from your view until now. Either way, I hope that this brings a measure of peace and enlightenment to any who need the wisdom contained in them.
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